Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama, Huckabee prevail in Iowa

UPDATE: CNN announces Chris Dodd withdraws from race. More later.

The results are pretty much definite right now (10:10PM ET), and true to what the polls were trending, Illinois senator Barack Obama and Republican regular guy Mike Huckabee won their party's respective caucuses tonight.

Speaking of Mike Huckabee's win tonight, I'll never again doubt the AWESOME power of Chuck Norris!

With 94% of the Democratic caucuses reporting, Obama clearly leads with 37% of the vote, against a close second/third place for Edwards and Clinton, around 30% each. Other Democrats rated less than 2%.

Mike Huckabee rolled to an easy victory with 34% of the vote, and MA Gov. Mitt Romney placed second with around 25%. Rounding out the Republicans were Thompson (14%), McCain (13%), upstart Ron Paul with a significant 10%, and scary warmonger Rudy Giuliani fortunately pulling in only 4% of Iowa's Republicans.

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