Friday, January 25, 2008

South Carolina will influence Super Tuesday

Saturday's South Carolina Democratic primary will be important for the candidates.

Democrats John Edwards and Barack Obama are hoping to win and make significant progress, which will be in form of rising in the national polls and fund raising going into the big Super Tuesday primaries on February 5th. Hillary Clinton is the front runner in the primary count, with Obama only winning Iowa so far. John Edwards has been consistently placing third in the early primaries.

Obama is leading in polls in So. Carolina, so he's counting on a big win to propel him back to favorite status. Edwards is rapidly running out of time to make up for his losses, and a poor showing tomorrow may be it for him. However, both Clinton and Obama have lost ground in recent days while Edwards has surged in the polls, so tomorrow may provide a big surprise to the front runners.

The Republicans are battling it out in anticipation of Tuesday's Florida primary, with John McCain and Mitt Romney in a virtual dead heat. The Florida Democratic primary is essentially meaningless, because they've been stripped of their delegates for moving their primary date too early. Giuliani is polling a strong third place, which is significant since he previously led the state by a huge margin until last month. A poor showing might end his candidacy.

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