Friday, January 11, 2008

New Hampshire recount scheduled

The initial surprise at Hillary Clinton's astounding victory over Barack Obama in New Hampshire has transformed into widespread concern over the integrity of the voting machines. The media polls, exit polls, and campaign's own polling were significantly off the mark.

Several sources, including candidates Dennis Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard, have called for a manual recount of the paper ballots. Reports say that these candidates will bear the cost of the recount, which is scheduled to begin next Wednesday.

Via The Raw Story:
Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich, who received 1.4 percent of the New Hampshire primary vote, is demanding for a recount of Tuesday's primaries.

"This is not about me or Senator Clinton or Obama or what percentage they got, it is [about] the integrity of the election process," Kucinich said in an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox's Your World this Friday.

When Cavuto asked why Kucinich thought there was no integrity present, Kucinich said he believes there’s a chance that the voting machines may have "made a mistake."

"The Americans have a concern about integrity and whether the machines have flaws in them. This is the first time there is an opportunity to be able to answer the question," he said.

Cavuto pointed out that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have questioned the integrity of the elections, and asked Kucinich if he was just "stirring the pot."

"Look what happened in Florida in 2000, what happened in Ohio in 2004," Kucinich responded. "It's not about me, it is about the American people."

Secretary of State Bill Gardner has said that Kucinich must pay for the recounts under state law.

Kucinich said he doesn't expect the recount to affect the results, but that "it is imperative that these questions be addressed in the interest of public confidence in the integrity of the election process and the election machinery."

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