Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nevada court OKs caucus

The U.S. District Court ruled that Nevada Democrats are capable of running their own caucus this Saturday.

A challenge by a union with alleged ties to the Clinton campaign tried to block caucus locations on the Vegas strip because they claimed the rules unfairly represented certain groups.

Nevada's Democratic Party approved the precinct arrangement, and the DNC authorized it back in August, to make it easier for housekeepers, waitresses and bellhops to caucus during the day near work rather than have to do so in their neighborhoods.

However, immediately after the Culinary Workers Union, which comprises largely of service workers in the hospitality industry endorsed Barack Obama, the state teachers union, which supposedly has ties to Clinton, brought the suit.

The timing of the suit, which occurred right after the CWU endorsed Obama, smacks of political maneuvering. All the campaigns, and apparently the unions, were aware of Nevada's arrangements. Yet the teacher's union was quiet on the issue until AFTER the CWU gave it's approval to Barack.

Clinton campaign said it was not involved in the suit.

The suit contended party rules allowing the precincts gave too much power to the casino workers and violated federal equal protection guarantees.

But the judge said, "We aren't voting here, we're caucusing. That's something that parties decide."

He said it is "up to the national party and the state party to promulgate these rules and enforce them."

Good on you, judge.

I can't say that I'm entirely convinced Hillary is acting out of a sense of fairness or equality. Otherwise there would have been questions raised long before Sen. Obama gained the CWU endorsement. And keep in mind that while the teachers are typically off work and in their own neighborhoods on a Saturday, those who work in the 24/7 world of hospitality need to work through the weekends. Hence the accommodation to the workers. So, why did it suddenly become an issue to the teachers only AFTER the Obama endorsement came down?

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's probably a duck.

A duck that wants to try to game the system in it's favor.

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