Saturday, March 29, 2008

Olympics 2008: China sells souveniers and human organs

Dr. Kirk James Murphy M.D.posted an horrific story on FireDogLake about China's thriving business selling executed convict's human organs to wealthy foreigners. And then many of them come back home to the U.S. to take advantage of gov't sponsored anti-rejection medications.
As if China's genocide in Tibet and complicity in Darfur weren't reason enough to boycott the Blood Olympics: the Official Hosts selected by the International Olympics Committee to host the 2008 Summer Olympics sell human flesh taken from victims of China's vast, corrupt execution industry. But wait - there's more. We in the US pay for the anti-rejection drugs taken by Medicare recipients who travel to China in order to purchase kidneys from the organ emporium otherwise known as China's "justice" system.


Some depraved recipients fly to China to buy an execution victim's kidney - and then come back and let US taxpayers foot the bill for the drugs - the drugs they need to take for the kidney they bought off the Official Organ Harvesters For The 2008 Summer Olympics.


"The reason for his condemnation of the surgeries was that about 90 percent of the transplanted organs in China were taken from prisoners on death row without their consent.

'Organs removed while prisoner was alive'

The article quoted Dr. Wang Guayoki, a Chinese doctor who escaped China and sought political refuge in the United States. He described before a committee of the House of Representatives how he removed skin and corneas from the bodies of over 100 prisoners who were executed in Chinese prisons.

He explained that the "donors" receive a special injection which prevents their blood from clotting and aids in preserving their organs. The execution team shoots the prisoners in the head while a medical staff stands by in order to remove the organs meant for transplants.

Dr. Guayoki recounted a particularly shocking case where kidneys were removed from a prisoner while he was still alive due to a faulty execution. Other testimonies brought before congress confirmed other such cases."
Read the entire story on FireDogLake. Sorry if this offends any Chinese nationals out there. Keep in mind that I don't dislike the Chinese people; in fact, I think they're pretty much like everyone else, but I think their system of government is among the worst the world has ever seen.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm making a vow not to watch a single minute of Olympic coverage this summer. I'm not buying a single product advertised on the broadcasts. And I'm not going to buy a stupid T-shirt with their logo on it.

Sorry, but until the IOC institutes real standards into it's selection process for host countries, the Olympics will ALWAYS be somewhat political in nature.

Maybe we can find an island somewhere and establish a permanent "ideology-free zone" and create an Olympic wonderland there, where the games will be held in perpetuity. That would be cool.


Anonymous said...

are you sure the story is true?

CT Bob said...

No, I made it up.

Anonymous said...

ye i thought so too
its cool, ppl like to makeup stuff
no problem =]