Monday, April 19, 2010

Gubernatorial candidates speak

I produced videos of four Democratic gubernatorial candidates that dropped by my video-taping corner at the JJB Dinner this year. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Juan Figueroa:

Mary Glassman:

Ned Lamont:

Dan Malloy:

Some additional videoblogger geek stuff that maybe two people will find interesting:

For the first time, I created and used a low-budget light kit, which utilized a pair of 60 watt (effective) daylight-temperature fluorescent bulbs mounted in cheap-o dollar store reflectors.

Look how good the lighting in the videos is! I think the entire rig didn't cost over fifty bucks, and that includes the boom microphone stand I pressed into use as a cheap C-stand for the lights. Because the reflector fixtures have spring-loaded clamps that allow them to be fitted on the post wherever you want.

And the two lights consumed a total of 26 watts to yield about 120 watts of equivalent light. I wish I'd taken a photo of the rig to put it on my filmmaking blog, but I'm sure I'll get more opportunities to use it soon. After doing the requisite video white balance it looked really good.


Chris McArdle said...

Does it make me a geek to say that the notes on your light kit are by far the most interesting thing about this blog post? Or does saying that just make me a suck-up? Well, I've seen your light kit. It is damned impressive and I will definitely be ripping the idea off.

Nice job as always on the interviews.

That last guy is definitely the guy we need to be our next Governor.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I'm such a geek that I find it really fun to create low-cost solutions to complicated technical problems. Anyone can spend $400 and get a decent light kit; the challenge is getting a similar effect for only 50 bucks.

I've also come up with a cheap teleprompter and a usable camera stabilizer for use when doing hand-held camera work.

Chris McArdle said...

Really.... I am going to stalk you to see those rigs in action.

Kidding aside, both of those ideas are great.

CT Bob said...

I'll save you the trouble of stalking; here are the links:



Chris McArdle said...

That teleprompter rig is damned impressive work. The stabilizer, at $14, looks very interesting as well - won't be pretty, but one might be able to live with that...

Great stuff Bob, thanks.

tessa said...

I am such a geek that I like the way the videos are in last name alphabetical order.

Vickie said...

great lighting bob!

that ned lamont looks great! can't wait to rock the boat again and get ct going again!