Monday, November 02, 2009

Dear Sen. Lieberman...

You mentioned recently that you "wish people would come out and debate me on the public option instead of questioning my motives..."

(around the 4:40 mark below - h/t to

OK, I'll take you up on that.

Let's do it senator.

Let's debate the public option.

You pick the time and place. Or I'll set up a forum. Whatever works.

Let's do a good ol' fashioned Town Hall Meeting. Everyone else in this state has spoken with and listened to their constituents, with the glaring exception of a certain Joseph Isadore Lieberman, Junior Senator.

So yes, I heartily accept your offer. Have your people call my people.

Actually, I don't have people.

I don't even have a person. I can't afford people. I wish I could, because I'd be thrilled if your people called them.

But since I don't, just have them fire off an email or call me directly.

I promise I'll get back to them ASAP.


tessa said...

He could use the Democratic Party of Milford Headquarters at 470 Bridgeport Ave. Milford, CT, 06460 for the forum.

Oh yeah, I just remembered...He only comes to Milford to support the Republican candidates.


CT Bob said...

He's a maverick. Acting all mavericky and stuff. It's what mavericks do.