Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Keeping the tradition alive

I just saw this image on Genevieve's website, showing me taping the Jim Amann endorsement of Gen's campaign a while back.

And it just goes to show you there is truth in the custom that the vast majority of camera people dress like they just wandered in from sleeping under a highway overpass! There simply isn't any possible way to look respectable in a hoodie.

Note to self: look in the mirror before going out to tape a political function! Sheesh!

Today it's a sports coat, and maybe a tie for good measure.


Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

Actually, in the print edition they discussed at length his irresponsible behavior when taking the leave of absence without telling anyone the truth or notifying his replacement, but decided to give him a pass for that, and various other missteps.

And they complimented Genevieve.

The discussion should have led them to a different conclusion!

CT Bob said...

Thanks Jon.

That really says a lot about the editorial opinion process in that paper.