Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fedele out in the cold?

This is why one should never assume anything!

Today Lieutenant Governor Mike Fedele has to be feeling a little vexed by Gov. Rell's statement regarding who she endorses.

WTNH's Mark Davis had this to say:
Is Governor Rell stepping back from a commitment to Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele?


She also appeared to contradict Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele’s claim made just moments after she said she wasn’t running that she will be endorsing him for Governor.
There is much wisdom to be gained from watching reruns of 60s sitcoms. Here's a nugget of truth that may have saved Mike from a little embarrassment:


lakezoarian said...



My favorite was "The Munsters".
And "Flipper".

CT Bob said...

Flipper was awesome. But I found out much later they abused the poor animals horribly making that show.

The Munsters I can still watch to this day!

Anonymous said...

And those 60s sitcoms were highly instructive on the nature of lifestyle choices confronting young American men.

I always preferred Lily to Marilyn and found myself squarely on the Marianne side of the great Marianne-Ginger divide.

I have to admit, however, that, if forced to choose, I'd take Ellie Mae over Jane Hathaway.

CT Bob said...

Yes, but where do you stand on the three daughters in Petticoat Junction?

And by the way (pet peeve) people always claim the girls were swimming in the town water tank, but actually it was the water tower used to fill the steam engine of the train. That water wasn't for drinking. Nobody ever seems to make that distinction.

Oh, great. Now that stupid theme song is running through my brain!

Anonymous said...

I always thought the three Petticoat Junction daughters were basically interchangeable.

I preferred any of them to Lisa Douglas.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, but Green Acres had some incredibly surreal gags in it.

Remember the episode when they had their house painted, but the wood sucked up all the paint, until Mr. Haney sold them a "pore key" to lock the pores in the wood? The paint stayed visible, but the entire house made a horrendous gasping noise because it couldn't breath, until they unlocked the pores (and the paint, of course, immediately disappeared).

Really, quite a bizarre show.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I always liked that episode. That was the one where they arrest him for supposedly "scalping tickets".

Anonymous said...

Fedele is an embarassment. The Republican bench is as deep as a bird-bath. The only prominent Republican in Connecticut is Joe Lieberman.

CT Bob said...

" deep as a bird-bath."

LOL! I was thinking a shallow puddle, or the layer of dew you find on your car on a nice summer's morning.

mccommas said...

I think the Lt. Gov can ASSUME that here is no way in hell I will vote for him in a primary if he is endorsed by RINO Rudderless Rell.

The fact she picked him (and I know nothing else about him) is probably enough for me to support just about anyone else.

mccommas said...

You know what. I take that back. Maybe he is a decent conservative after all. I just found out the abortion pushers don't like him.

That is a step in the right direction already.