Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Last call, and a wake up call

I'm packing up. About a dozen or so people remain, including the News12 people for some reason. The beer is almost gone. It's been a night of incredulity here.

This sort of complete sweep can't be explained by any particular shortcomings of our individual candidates. Because they didn't have any. Not enough to explain this. This is something WAY more than that.

This is a wake up call for Democrats in Connecticut. We've been partying on our huge gains since last November, and the hubris associated with winning certainly factored in to some extent.

But more than that, the nation is responding to the GOP's incessant poisoning of the waters. Their message is getting through, while Democratic failings are increasingly becoming a factor. The pendulum, pushed heavily left by near-universal hatred for Bush, seems to have stopped and may have started it's return to the right.

This is a wake up call for us. Let's hope we hear the alarm before next year.


oldswede said...

The alleged Democrat, Miron, lost in Stratford because of being Miron. This was not a party thing. An incumbent who gets only 29% of the vote has some soul-searching to do.
This CT Post write-up is pretty much on the money about Miron:
Keep the faith, oldswede

Chris MC said...

Bad night to be Democrat in Newtown.

Anonymous said...

Hehe....lot's of clock cleaning yesterday. Pardon me while I dance around a bit. The swing to the right has started. The Obama factor has left the building. If I were Dodd and company I would'nt rely on Old Hopey to bring the votes home. Just ask Corzine, LOL!