Sunday, November 01, 2009

Richetelli's record does not merit...

This is the mailer that went out Friday to Milford voters. In a few succinct paragraphs they explain exactly why we need Genevieve Salvatore as our next mayor. (click on image to enlarge)

And what really matters is that these aren't the words of the Milford Democrats, but the opinion of the New Haven Register's editorial staff, who for years had endorsed Jim Richetelli.

Read the full NH Register endorsement here. If you live in Milford, be sure to vote Tuesday.

Actually, it goes without saying that you should probably vote regardless of where you live.


oldswede said...

Speaking of Register endorsements, did you see the West Haven special insert in today's (Sun. 11/01) Register? It's coverage of all sorts of good things going on in WH, with photos.
Curious thing is that of the nine photos of WH people, five of them have that guy who's on the ballot Tuesday, John Picard. No other politicos that I can spot, but five with JP.
What really strange and convenient timing. Especially from a paper like the Register, never known for liking Democrats.

CT Bob said...

Was the insert paid for by a party, or is it simply a Register special? Maybe WH Bob knows more.

oldswede said...

It looks like a normal Register special section, with paid advertising from various businesses, mostly in WH. The back has a full page from the Campbell Ave. McCafe (McDonalds' new format). Inside there's the Elm Diner, Zuppardi's, Seacrest Retirement Center, Railroad Salvage, etc. A full page adv. about a program on wolves coming to the Savin Rock Conference Center with supporting editorial material. What you would expect for a WH business adv. section.
There isn't any "Advertisement" header on any of the pages like there should be if the whole thing was a paid adv. It isn't unusual for a paper to do these things, but the timing is really, umm, odd.

West Haven Bob said...

It's a Register piece...Interesting timing, hmmmm?