Sunday, November 15, 2009

Genghis Conn Appreciation Night

In appreciation of all the superb writing and amazing work he’s done with Connecticut Local Politics, we’re planning a little NON-PARTISAN get-together for Chris Bigelow, creator and administrator of CTLP. The date is Wednesday, Nov. 18th at Eli's in Hamdem (info below).

Chris has decided to take a much deserved break from blogging and he authored this message to the readers and participants:
Okay, this is the end of the line for me; my last post here.

I’m not one to make a lengthy goodbye. I’ve said all I ever wanted to say and more on this site over the past five years… but before I go I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have written for, supported, read and commented on the site. When I started, I never thought CTLP would be what it has become, or take me to so many amazing places, and without all of you it would never have happened. Thank you all for everything. It’s been an amazing run.

I wish I had some news about what’s going to happen to the site–I’m still working that out. Once I know something definite, so will you. In the meantime, our other regulars will continue posting.

As for me, I’m active on Facebook, head over there and friend me if you want.

Well. So long, everyone. Be good to one another… kindness and understanding are always worth it.

Chris Bigelow (Genghis Conn)
January 17, 2005 – November 4, 2009
Look, I know it's difficult for many of you to make it on a weeknight. Believe me, I tried like hell to find a date that would work for everyone, and after shifting it around several times, I realized that if I didn't settle on a date, we'd never get it in before the holidays! But isn't it worth a little effort to be there to personally thank Chris for all his great efforts at putting political blogging on the map in Connecticut by creating a forum were ALL types of opinions are heard from across the political spectrum?

And who can forget those maps?

It’s nothing fancy, I didn't arrange for food or drink but you're encouraged to buy your own (I'll have a Guinness myself), just a friendly get-together and an opportunity for us to show Genghis we all care and we’ll miss his direct involvement in the blog (and it’s a chance for you to talk him into not leaving!) Anyone who enjoys CTLP is invited; bloggers, media people, politicians (but remember this is a SOCIAL event, not a candidate forum please), readers, plaintiffs (just kidding!), moderates, liberals, conservatives, etc.

This is a non-partisan social event, so let’s all try to leave our differences at home and simply enjoy a couple hours celebrating our common goals. At the end of the evening we’ll all join together for a rousing chorus of “We Are The World”! (not really)

Date: Wednesday, November 18th
Time: 7:00 to 9ish

Where: Eli’s On Whitney
2392 Whitney Ave
Hamden, Connecticut 06518
Phone Number: 203-287-1101

Simple Directions:
From North (Hartford) – Wilbur Cross Parkway to exit 61, take LEFT off ramp. About 1/4 mile (across Dixwell Ave.) Eli’s is on Left. Take a left on School Street for parking behind Eli’s.

From South (Fairfield) – Wilbur Cross Parkway to exit 61, take RIGHT off ramp. About 1/4 mile (across Dixwell Ave.) Eli’s is on Left. Take a left on School Street for parking behind Eli’s.

What: Pay as you go for food and beverages. Menu is standard quite good, actually, American pub fare.

I’d like to get a rough head count, because if we have enough people commit we’ll possibly be able to use their private dining room. So reply to this post, or email me (CT Bob) at futuredv at yahoo dot com.

Hope to see you all there!

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