Monday, November 09, 2009

Q-poll bearing bad news for Rell?

This is completely unverified (mostly because I'm lazy) but I heard somewhere there's a new Quinnipiac poll due out tomorrow. With all the recent talk about early results possibly being leaked to some candidates, I wonder if Jodi may have gotten a distinctly unpleasant feeling from this one? Again, this is speculation. Don't sue me.


Connecticut Man1 said...

Poll is up and it seems the it does reveal a bit of trending towards a drop in their view of state ethics in the Rell years.

Low info voters haven't heard enough yet?

kwhitehead said...

Low info voters=great name for a band.

CT Bob said...

I was right about the poll showing Rell declining, and that's BEFORE news of the subpoenas hit. When the investigation really gets going, it'll be obvious why she decided to retire.