Monday, November 16, 2009

Give me a break!

Apparently letting NO gesture of Barack Obama's go without criticism, the Rabid Right has wasted no time condemning the president for bowing to the Japan's emperor Akihito, in a gesture of respect and friendship that is highly valued in the Asian nation.

Can you imagine the storm of criticism that would have erupted from the Right had Obama neglected to bow? The wingnutosphere would have metaphorically detonated with cries of "Oh my god, did you see how Obama dissed the emperor?"

And lest anyone forget, I think the previous president showed quite a bit more deference to a certain foreign leader!

But for some reason THAT was completely acceptable to the wingers:


tessa said...

The only good thing I can say about Republicans at this point is:

"They are *so* gay!"

It's a compliment.

Bush, however, is nuthin but lower case queah.

Nopartisan said...

Who really listens to or cares about what these imbeciles say? If the President bows, who gives a damn? Poll the American people and 70-80% wouldn't even know he met the japanese leader let alone bowed. Other than providing a daily sideshow at the theater of the absurd, what useful purpose do these extremist morons serve? Oh that's right, they serve as Palin's base.

Anonymous said...

"at least one Japanese paper isn’t running the photo out of embarrassment."
The messia is prone to screwing up with foreign cultures becuase he had NO EXPERIENCE outside Chicago Land, either did his Thug handlers so it only high lights his blunders.

I know, I know just like with the Saudi never happpened right Gibbs?

You people carry so much water for this guy, he fucked up.... again, Just admit it and laugh it off.

Nopartisan said...

As a moderate conservative I am irritated that once again we are embarrassed by the jokers to the right of us. Anonymous just confirms the level of the lunacy. As I said before NOBODY CARES. The fools on the far right just don't realize how mentally challanged they sound, whether with this nonsense, the socialist nonsense, the birther nonsense and in general their willingness to create, believe and spread lies about the ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE President. I disagree with Obama on a good amount of issues not all and when he is right he's right. The loons however would find fault even if he agreed 100% with them on an issue. In short, THEY ARE INSANE.

CT Bob said...

Anonymous, the word is spelled "MESSIAH"!

Get it right, for fuck's sake!


tessa said...

Chris Matthews just posted the same 2 photos.

PS. In Asia you bow. That is the right thing to do. Besides, Obama spent time in Hawai'i, where a considerable number of Japanese-Americans live. According to wikipedia, 43% of the population was Japanese in the 1920s although now it is down to 16-20% (various sources, depends on which island).

Anonymous needs a book on protocol. Plus a few overseas trips.

West Haven Bob said...

Anonymous needs a book that's not an adult comic book.

Unknown said...

A bow to an old Emperor and his wife and the last Prez holding hands with a Saudi Monarch!!! Jesus God Anonymous is this payback or you just out there? Your Prez took us into an endless, costly dumb ass war with the blessing of this hand holding MONARCH who BTW allows radicals to learn and train to kill us Americans wherever we are! HELLOOOO

Anonymous said...

What fucking moron you assholes gave us.

Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun the visit was termed “miserable,” and “the worst US-Japan summit meeting in history” by Japanese insiders. Worse, the Japanese government was so upset at the visit that it retaliated at various points issuing slights right back to President Obama during his stay on Japanese soil.

CT Bob said...

Really? It was that bad? Then tell me how the fuck Fox News and Drudge managed to not even hear ANY of the bullshit you're talking about? Not one fucking peep out of ANY of the right wing media, yet you're telling me one shitty Japanese rag that nobody ever heard of is claiming that the entire summit was a king-hell clusterfuck of epic proportion?

Go shit in your hat!

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