Wednesday, October 18, 2006

At what point should US take military action North Korea and Iran?

*We are bogged down in Iraq
*We need strong, hard negotiations directly
*North Korea most dangerous
*While we were in Iraq, North Korea and Iran moved forward with nuclear plans
*We need to work with Russia and China who have more influence with Iran
*North Korea must be handled with negotiations
*If I could answer Iran in 60 seconds, then Face the Nation would only need to be 2 minutes long!
*These nuclear weapons remind us that we live in a dangerous world
*We must stop
*Requires bipartisan approach
*We are Americans first, not Democrats or Republicans
*Each nation must know US will work with allies
*We do not want to take military action, but cannot allow selling this technology
*Some of us don't think of ourselves as democrats or republicans, and haven't for some time

*Joe wants regime change
*Alan wants us to use force
*We must negotiate and exhaust those options
*I sponsored a bipartisan resolution calling for regime change in Iran
*Amajenidad wants to wipe out Israel
*He said imagine a world without the US
*If you think we can negotiate with Amajenidad, good luck
*Joe and I agree on this one thing


CT Bob said...

Awesome work! Keep 'em coming Kirby!

selise said...

kirby - what ctbob said. i'm really enjoying your reporting.... many, many thanks!