Monday, October 23, 2006

Debate time!

"Has anyone seen my $387,000 anywhere?"

Poor Joe...having to worry about all the money he lost. I guess when you rake in $15,000,000.00 from lobbyists and big corporations, it's easy to misplace a few hundred grand. That's small potatoes to a big-bucks politician like Joe.

I wonder if anyone will ask him about it tonight?

Stay tuned for updates and commentary from Kirby while I'm at the debate. I'll have my video camera, and will be there for the pre- and post-debate festivities. I'll try to call in with details before and after.

Watch the debate tonight. 8:00PM on WTNH-TV Channel 8 (also streamed here live at WTNH.COM). Also, WTIC NewsTalk 1080 and will carry the audio portion live.


Anonymous said...

First question should be:

"Wheres the Dough Joe?"

Anonymous said...

a few hundred grand would be small potatoes to a big buck buisness man like ned lamont, too.

mui said...

Not quite, Mr. 2nd anonymous. Not quite.
At any rate, Bob, maybe we should hold a contest entitled: what did HoJoe do with $387.000?
Did Haddassah buy a new handbag with it? Or did it go to buying some more Uncle Sam costumes? Maybe Lieberman's lobbyist friend demanded more than $100 a day for his "support". I guess vote buying is not out of the question either. The mind reels. It's a mystery. But probably not a "locked-room" one.

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