Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dan Gerstein makes me happy

Sometimes, the simple joy of watching a dumb political hotshot step into a hot, steaming pile of his own dookie is enough to make me believe that we really do live in a beautiful world.

Here's Dangerstain talking on The Young Turks and failing miserably to express anything but utter confusion at Joe's silly opinions.

But he DOES manage to remember to say that it's all Ned Lamont's fault.

About a dozen times.

Watch and enjoy. Sometimes, I really DO enjoy my work.

And yes, that little audio snippet they played in the first minute was grabbed directly from my "Lieberman on Hastert" Youtube video.

I know this for a fact, because if you listen closely to the audio, it gets a lot louder just as Joe says "partisan...uhhh...frenzy". I boosted the volume of the original video at that exact moment in my editing program to drive home Joe's lie.

And I guess it would have killed those Young (self-obsessed, obviously) Turks to include a clever little link to ol' CT Bob. So as punishment, they will remain linkless in this document. If you want to find the "Young Turks", I wouldn't give a google HOW you do it. (get it?)

Anyway, tip o' the Stetson to Fire Dog Lake and their resident giant reptile, TRex.


Anonymous said...

Hey dangerstein...why would it be REPUBLICANS covering it up? Makes you sound PARTISAN!!

You're a nasty, stinky, scheming, nasty sack of liquid crap...plink plink


imajoebob said...

The only thing worse than Dangerstein was the interviewer. That was just pathetic.