Sunday, October 22, 2006

Is THIS a "partisan attack", Joe?

Posted on NBC News, among many other places:
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The number of Americans killed in Iraq this month now stands at 80.

A military statement said a soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division was killed and three others were wounded Saturday in combat in a northern province.

A separate statement said a Marine was killed Saturday in Anbar province west of Baghdad.

"October is the deadliest month this year for U.S. troops in Iraq, and it's on pace to become the deadliest since November of 2004."
Senator, I'm sorry if this sounds terribly partisan to you, but could you please answer one question for me:

How many more brave Americans need to die in this senseless war for George Bush's friends?

If that makes me partisan, then fine...I can live with that.

There's 80 brave Americans this month alone who won't get to live with anything ever again because of this stupid war.


Anonymous said...

CT Bob, I just read this comment on Steve Gillard's blog. I don't live in CT, so maybe something like this has already been done. However, if it hasn't, it might be worth a try.

I think that Ned should spend the last few days of the campaign showing CT residents what 6 more years of Lieberman means for their children.

"I've been following the CT Senate race pretty closely and I don't think Ned Lamont has sold the voters yet that Lieberman led the charge into Iraq, not just voted for it ala Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, etc.. Joe Lieberman is going to lead the charge into Iran as well, he voted for the Santorum Iran regime change amendment against the express wishes of the US State department and Condi Rice, who did not want to be hamstrung any more than Clinton wanted to be hamstrung by the Iraq Liberation Act.

The CT Senate race isn't about social security or earmarks or healthcare. It's about whether your son who was 10 the last time Joe Lieberman was elected will be fighting in an war of choice if Joe Lieberman is elected again.

I'd like see to MoveOn or somebody show an ad with footage of America's Army: The Video Game and a voiceover "Joe Lieberman has led the fight to protect your kids from the effects of video game violence" then cut to real footage in Iraq and say "Joe Lieberman has led the political fight in the Iraq War" then a pause and "There is no reset button on life". Lamont needs to land the gut punch in the general election that's the equivalent of 'The Kiss' in the primary and I don't think he's done it yet. But Lamont still has a puncher's chance to win.

Read the Washington Post analysis of the Israel/Lebanon war. When you run wars based on ideology and not logistics you get beat. For the conservative hawks, air war + ideology = victory. Too bad the equation doesn't add up. wp...6102001688.html

Joe Lieberman is going to get thousands of more Americans and hundreds of thousands of 'others' killed if he gets his way. All to end up in a worse strategic position.

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

I'd definitely like to see the CT Senate campaign focus on Iraq: "It's the disastrous occupation, stupid!"

It's only getting worse, and HoJo has no good excuse for his statements and actions with regard to same.

Bergs said...

I Agree! The #1 issue in this State is discontent with the Illegal invasion and the needless killing of our troops! USE it ! Who CARES if they say Ned is a one-issue candidate. THAT ISSUE is the important one!

CT Bob said...

It's not the ONLY issue, but it's the MOST IMPORTANT issue.

Here's what I'd like to talk about for the last two weeks:

Slush fund

...and the coming war in Iran if Joe wins.

Anonymous said...

when, exactly, did lieberman say 80 americans dying in iraq was partisan?

CT Bob said...

My point is that Joe considers ANY dissent with his opinion to be "partisan".

Hence, anyone asking him how many more need to die would probably be considered a "partisan" attack by Lieberman.

So, "partisan" is Joe-speak for anything that he disagrees with. C'mon, pay attention.