Sunday, October 22, 2006


Sometimes, with all the rhetoric and spin that gets tossed around so freely during a hotly contested election, we lose sight of what's important.

Here's a powerful reminder.

Stem cell research promises to find cures for countless diseases and afflictions. George W. Bush firmly opposes ANY public funding of stem cell research. Joe Lieberman supposedly is in favor of stem cell research, but his policy of rolling over for EVERY SINGLE item on the George W. Bush agenda belies that claim.

Almost certainly the issue will end up in front of the Supreme Court. Joe Lieberman's vote for cloture on discussion of Sam Alito's confirmation hearing is exactly the same as a vote FOR this ultra-conservative pro-Bush pro-torture pro-strip-searching-children anti-choice judge.

And can you guess on which side of the stem cell research argument Sam Alito will fall?

Ned Lamont has stated repeatedly, and as recently as last Tuesday on video (available here) exactly where he stands on issues like stem cell research.

What more do you need to know?


harriet said...

wow,that's video says it all, and yet there are people fighting against medical cures for the living; funny how they call themselves "pro-life"?

harriet said...

oops, meant to say, "that video"

Speaking of videos, I've just donated to enhancing CTBob's ability to keeping the media honest...and God knows that's the toughest job of all!!!!

CT Bob said...

Thanks so much Harriet! We'll try to make you (and everyone) proud of our efforts here!

Bergs said...



See the part on the float, etc.

CT Bob said...

I saw it.

We only have two weeks.

There's no way to get a new float built in time. What we need to do is get the one we have OUT THERE at every Joe event, and make sure people see the message "Joe=Bush".

If you want the "#49" message seen, make a sign and hold it up for the TV cameras. We need bodies out there more than anything else. And bodies canvassing and helping the campaign.