Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Senator Sellout" cozies up to Bloomberg


Apparently (according to Joe Lieberman) Ned Lamont's wealth is somehow tainted, but Michael Bloomberg's BILLION DOLLARS is pure manna from heaven!

So while Senator Lieberman spews lies out of one side of his mouth and implies Ned's family fortune was earned through mysterious and shady means, Joe uses the other side of his mouth to plant a sloppy wet kiss on Micheal Bloomberg's ass cheek.

Because Mayor Bloomberg, the billionaire Republican who spent over $77,000,000 of his own money to campaign for the Mayorship of New York, is eager to impose his OUT OF STATE influence on Connecticut's Senate race.

From an AP story on
The mayor has also dispatched several campaign operatives to Connecticut to help Lieberman reach GOP and independent voters as the race closes. Lieberman is running as an independent after losing to wealthy businessman Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary.

"The mayor has been extremely generous personally in being willing to help us raise money," Lieberman spokesman Dan Gerstein said.

Bloomberg appeared at a major Chicago fundraising event for Lieberman recently. He will campaign with Lieberman on Monday in Stamford, greeting commuters and formally endorsing him. Bloomberg will also host a fundraiser next week at his home, Gerstein said.

Bloomberg operatives are helping to build Lieberman's get-out-the-vote effort, which is targeting a mix of Democratic, Republican and independent supporters.

"We're leveraging the very relevant experience of the Bloomberg operation to help us in what can charitably be described as a unique situation," said Gerstein.

The Bloomberg team has valuable experience identifying such voters in New York City, which is considered Democratic turf, said Gerstein.

Bloomberg also is backing Connecticut Republicans Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Rep. Christopher Shays, who is locked in a tough re-election fight.
So, not only are Republican "operatives" going to be flooding the state, but Mayor Bloomberg is also betraying his own party by not supporting the Republican candidate for Senate, Alan Schlesinger.

No wonder Lieberman loves Bloomberg.

They're two of a kind.

TO CONNECTICUT VOTERS: Don't let the out-of-state operatives decide the election for you!


itm said...

As a former Lawnguylander.

Having Bloomburgs face on your side is a kiss of death, espically along the Metro North towns. Can someone say...


Bloomburg was a nice chunk of your paycheck just so you can push papers in his "Urban Mecca".

CT Bob said...

itm, it would be a real shame if someone with a bullhorn showed up at the Stamford train station where Bloomberg will appear tomorrow and shouted "Commuter Tax!" into his ear about 1000 times.

Wouldn't it?

mui said...

This makes me &*$%^##@* mad. It's almost like our little state is being balkanized. HoJoe can't muster up support within the state, so imperial sockpuppet that he is, he hires mercenaries from out of state.

Ned_Opportunist_2006 said...

Can you guys summarize Ned's plan to reach out to Indys in CT? Lemme guess?? "War Bad, Joe likes Bush?"

Hard to believe a message with that level of sophisticateion and nuance isn't moving numbers among I's. Maybe a few more kitschy ads that reinforce your polazrizing position and harden the 65 percent of Dems who'd be for you even if you endorsed Mark Foley?

9 days to go.. . . and all fo America is watching TN, MO and VA.

I recommend you wave the Rasmussen poll and the petty cash story around some's a real prarie fire.

Maybe DeStefano's field operation can pull you across the line.

Dab said...

Apparently Mike Bloomberg is going to be making a campaign appearance with Joe Lieberman in Stamford at the train station at 7:45 tomorrow morning. This is being reported at My Left Nutmeg. ;jsessionid=8E99501F7DAC81AEAE5230D1332 B50CC?diaryId=4215

The great thing is that BranfordBoy at MLN has put together a wonderful flier that can be printed out and distributed at the train station. It discusses the fact that Bloomberg has been a huge proponent of the commuter tax on Connecticut residents who work in NYC. Here’s a link to the flier. ordflyer.pdf

If anyone can be at the train station in Stamford tomorrow morning, I encourage you to print out a ton of these fliers and hand them out!

CT Bob said...

The sad fact is, Joe is an old political whore who will boink anybody who can help his greedy little dreams become reality.

I'm sorry. I just realized I insulted all the whores in the world by comparing Joe to them.

I apologize.

Anonymous said...

The Communter Tax fliers should be posted at every train station along the route. Most have community bulletin boards.

Anonymous said...

Is the entire jewish community in support of Lieberman? I can't believe that!

mui said...

anonymous, there is a poll which suggests the majority of persons of Jewish background in CT support Ned Lamont. & that poll actually rings true from my own experience. I'd love to tell tales of how far it seems HoJoe fell from the tree, rotten apple that he is, but darnitall, confidentiality is pretty binding.

Anonymous said...

don't let the out-of-state operative decide the election for you. so why was jesse jackson standing next to ned lamont when lamont won the primary? jackson isnt a homegrown boy from ct...

CT Bob said...

Big difference getting an endorsement from someone, and an out of state billionaire REPUBLICAN mayor pouring all his resources and machinery into CT to help a supposed Democrat.

Big difference.

Hey, if Bloomberg wants to say, "I endorse Joe", that's fine with me. But interfering with the state's elections is dirty, especially when he wants nothing more than for Joe to pass a Commuter Tax on CT residents.

Then again, Joe is all for having money leave the state. No senator that we've had has been BETTER at it!

Anonymous said...

so what was wrong with bloomberg coming to lieberman but okay with edwards coming to lamont?