Sunday, October 29, 2006

Meet Joe and Mayor Bloomberg Tomorrow, 7:45 am, Stamford Train Station

From My Left Nutmeg, by Branford Boy:

Joe Lieberman and Mayor Michael "I want a commuter tax" Bloomberg will be holding a joint campaign appearance at the Stamford train station tomorrow (Monday, Oct 30) from 7:45 a.m.

Some concerned citizens may show up and distribute a flyer something like this:

If you can knock out something better, be my guest. In the meantime, you can download the quick and dirty version and print up as many as you'd like.


Anonymous said...

So I see Old Joe has pulled out the big gun, so see Ned he has a Million dollar man on his team to and it is not you, although Ned you and Bloomberg have something in common you both pay for everything you get.

CT Bob said...

Except that Ned is a homegrown Connecticut boy with longtime family roots in the state and every right to run for the Senate, and Bloomberg is a Republican power-monger who is trying to appoint the Senator in Connecticut.

Bloomberg HAS TO retire after this term due to limits; is he trying to become the Republican kingmaker?

Here's a suggestion for you, Mr. Bloomberq - leave Connecticut alone and use some of that Billion Dollars you have and solve some of the MANY problems in your stinking city!

NanafromMA said...

This should wake up some of the Voters in Stamford
gop-porn-scandal-widens-in-addition-to.html Seems
like money from little Mary was given to Kenny M
and he said the RNC loves to spend donations!! HA!
Maybe the sign holders can also make copies of this
one and clip it to the commuter tax sign...that would
be funny!!

Chris Reed(?) on the Matthews show this a.m. said
more Foley names soon...should be interesting!!
Bet they will hold them until after next week...

Anonymous said...

If you want republican solutions to your queries, vote Joe Lieberman!

CT Bob said...

What is a "republican solution" to your queries these days?

Oh, I know...your queries are wiretapped, then taken into custody without habeous corpus, then snuck down to Guantanemo for some quick 'n dirty torture, then brought back and sexually harrassed by a perverted Congressman, and then attacked and ridiculed by Karl Rove.

Now THAT'S a "Republican Solution"!