Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ned and Joe Comparison Sheets

Want to learn exactly how Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman differ on issues that are important to YOU?

Check out this great comparison sheet that is now available online. Unofficial, but it's representative of the type of initiative that volunteers and supporters have taken for months now.

Leave comments on how you like the comparison sheet. Ways to improve it, add to it, etc.

Then keep it going by inviting friends, family, and neighbors to send out some FREE Ned Lamont postcards!


Anonymous said...

An excellent compilation, which I have been using as a reference. However, IMO this is not ideal for distributing to undecided voters as it stands. Toward that end, I would suggest some tweaking [intended only as constructive]:

1) Iraq first and foremost; in the present format, this must be hunted down. Probably might be OK second, after the missed votes, but definitely needs to be high on the first page. Also, Joe's Iraq discussion really should include "stay the course"; the 'undermine' quote is excellent to have included. The reference to the Bush rush to war should be tied explicitly to Lieberman here. Regarding Lieberman's deferments, IMO these should be tied to the present more; perhaps something like 'supported preemptive invasion despite having received multiple deferments...'(?).

2) MCA/torture bill - IMO this should include explicit mention that US CITIZENS are subject to this indefinite detention. This might better be referred to by its actual name, so that the subject is not deemed to be 'hijacked by the lefties'. The more fact-based this comes across, the better!

3) Factual basis demonstrated by references; I realize you cannot list all references, but by any chance might you be able to format this with footnotes [that could reside on a 3rd page] that would then be a handy quick reference if a detailed debate ensues so we could stand toe-to-toe with specific references on hand. IMO, nothing slams a soft conservative argument like concrete factual references; almost never do they come back with their own references, almost always they just fall back to repeating talking points. When we reach that stage, we have won the debate; the next challenge is translating those into votes.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

BTW, if you are interested in emailing me for further discussion/feedback/assistance, etc., you can do so here:


Anonymous said...

This is good and thorough. But what also is needed is something shorter, less detailed and on a single page - to appeal to an average voter.