Monday, October 16, 2006


I am now sitting in the press room -- just me and Ann Kornbluth. Everybody else ran downstairs to get the spin and do the gaggle, and I just heard Joe's voice in the stairwell -- sneaking away again. After that performance, I'm not surprised he doesn't want to talk to anyone. No Joe supporters here -- after a good showing for Ned outside the front door. Joe also snuck into the hotel -- Ned came into the front door with supporters cheering. UPDATE: Captured nicely by the lead story on NBC30 -- a debate sponsor.

Joe ran out of time -- the rules were such that each candidate had 17 minutes of discussion time, period, and then a closing statement. Joe was done at 1:49, but wouldn't stop talking -- as usual, I suppose the rules don't apply to him. Best line over at FDL -- Joe continuing to talk is the debate equivalent of parking in a handicapped spot.

Joe just came down the stairs with Spazeboy in hot pursuit. Let's hope Spaze nails him. We're doing our best here. UPDATE: Yes, Spazeboy got him -- after one of Joe's goons nearly slammed him against the wall --

Having watched it on closed circuit here in the press room, I think Alan helped himself the most. He was a little over the top, but if you're a Republican, I think Alan gave you a lot to think about. He shot from the hip, and did a great job nailing Joe on his false Republican credentials. Ned didn't take any chances -- there was no need to. Ned is what he is -- an honest, ethical guy who wants to help make a difference in the world. He's not going to change that between now and November 7 or November 7, 2010.

And Joe is Joe. Had trouble dodging and weaving with Alan on his right and Ned on his left -- literally, on the stage. Initially, we thought he got the good seat being in the middle, but no -- he had no where to look or hide. (see next post)

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Mnemosyne9 said...

Don't you mean with Ned on his left?