Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Establishment is Scared to Death

They are afraid. Very afraid. The leaders of the Incumbent Protection Racket in Washington, DC are terrified that we, the people, can actually have a voice in our government. Ned and those of us supporting him, wanting to kick the bums out, have the old timers in an uproar. Yes, Ned is the Democratic nominee, a right he won in a Democratic primary, but Chuck Schumer, head of the DSCC has been totally absent in this race -- where is all the money for this competitive race? Flowing into Joe Lieberman's coffers.

Why is Joe getting all of this support? Because he's already a member of the club. He is in deep with the lobbyists and special interests that control Washington. He can be relied on to vote the way he is "supposed to" vote. Put Connecticut's needs first? No way. Joe has folded on the energy bill, the Iraq mess, and he voted to give George W Bush the absolute right to determine what torture is and is not, and who can be treated as an "enemy combatant" and who cannot. (But, remember, if Hillary becomes president, she'll have the same powers to declare Rush an "enemy combatant," so maybe we just have to hang on for 2 years -- heh, heh.)

No, we are the establishment's worst nightmare. We think, we donate, we're active, we're incredibly well informed, and we call them on their bullshit, like claiming they have never said "Stay the Course." WE have become the checks and balances in this era of a Rubber-Stamp Congress.

That's why they want to crush us. The primary win was bad enough for these insiders -- a seat in the Senate held by a man with a conscience, who's there for US, who can't be bought --- well, that's a fate too horrible for those entrenched in the power game to even contemplate.

We, in Connecticut, for the first time in a LONG time, have the power to change politics as they know it. At this point, it is not about your money. It is about your voice and your presence. Come to the town hall meetings with Ned and bring your friends. Send postcards to friends and family. If you click, you'll see Bob's video on how much fun it is to get involved with this campaign down the stretch. If you can take election day off and volunteer to drive people to the polls, make last minute calls, monitor polling places -- you can change our world.

The last revolution started in Massachusetts. Let the next one start here in our beloved CT on November 7. Ned Lamont -- his ONLY special interest is Connecticut.


Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont can't be bought.


Anonymous said...

Comparison of petty cash in October disclosure reports.

Chafee $650
Akaka $1,054
Lamont $500
Lieberman $387,000

Nothing to see, move along. Isn't anyone in the Mainstream going to pick up on this smoking gun? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CT Bob. Some of us have been shouting this from the rooftops since the primary. What this race is really about isn't Iraq, or the Groton sub base, or education; it's about choosing our representatives, and not having them chosen for us by the political establishment. Keep hammering it home.

CaptCT said...

Just got back from phonebanking in Stamford. More people I spoke to were Lamont supporters than Lieberman supporters. Get out the vote!

CT Bob said...

anonymous 2, this is Kirby's excellent post, not mine. She and I agree that there's much too much laziness and political spin going on in the MSM.

These people have less than two weeks to redeem themselves and avoid be labled "The Rubber Stamp Media"

Ozy said...

I would focus on what kind of Job Lieberman has done in his long term as Senator. If the Connecticut voter is so oblivious to the facts then those who want mediocrity and pandering to Bush as the operating standard of their Senator then Lieberman is the right guy for the job.
Those who support such sad examples of representation deserve what they get. I have a tiny hope that these sad people will do Connecticut the justice of looking at Lieberman's pathetic record and along with those across the country who support the status quos will vote out this "stay the course" mentality in November!

This guy ran in the primary and lost. Next he files to run as an independent. So Lamont gets to run against him twice. Real fair when the will of the democratic vote is not good enough for an egotist like Joey. Look there is no way a guy should run for re-election as a Dem or a Republican then be able to turn around and run in the general if he loses. That's BS anywhere! That's a sellout to ones own damn Ego!

It's all about Joe and not bringing the troops home if the real democrats of Connecticut let this guy back in the senate to "practice his love" with the republican ilk would be SICKENING!

imajoebob said...

Amazing. I made a very similar comment on Colin's blog last night.

I think it's time we got down to brass tacks. We need to call the Reids, Schumers, Clintons, et al out. We need to tell them to put up, or get out. They are responsible for Joe Lieberman, and if they don't do everything they're supposed to do to elect Ned Lamont, they will be punished.

Not another dime. Not another endorsement. Not another puff-piece in the blogs. They'll be treated just as the the self-promoting turncoats who have abandoned their support-base deserve to be treated. These people are only working for their big-dollar donors, their corporate masters, their MSM publicity whores. They don't care about us, we're only voters.

The Wingnuts are already reeling from a grassroots backlash. How will the Democrats feel about the same problem when they finally have a chance for just their second big electoral win in 26 years? Are they going to put it all on the line for their buddy Joe?

Let's find out.

I smell a diary here...

Anonymous said...

Kirby! (as they do around the blogosphere)

Great post, which says it beautifully. I'm expecting you to ride down my street like Paul Revere any minute now.

I agree with imajoebob -- it's time to send a clear message to the DLC/DCCCs. It isn't going to do us a rat's ass of good to support the same culture of power in our own party as the one we're trying to get rid of.

Time for everyone to tell "the Party" that they either support US or we don't support them. No retreat, no surrender.

LiebermanForLieberman said...

Great post, Kirby! Very compelling and well-written, THANK YOU..