Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Joe: No Longer a Dem

UPDATE: Yes, I know that I screwed up and wrote "The" instead of "Then" in the video. Don't bother filling my comments with corrections. I'm not gonna change it. If Joe can call other candidates "goddamn sonovabitches", then I can leave my misprint in the video.

(How's THAT for a left-handed justification while getting a shot in at Joe? Brilliant!)

I'm a champion! ("Eagle-eye Smith" reference)


selise said...

i swear, your videos just keep getting better!
... and joe just keeps getting worse...

CT Bob said...

Thanks selise, and wow you're fast in getting word out over at FDL. I barely finish putting up the video and you already announce it over there! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i know you hate hearing this, bob, but what lieberman said sounded fine to me and you seemed (get ready)... partisan.

CT Bob said...

But the problem with his statement Monday is that he completely contradicted himself from just over a month ago on a video that I shot at the Labor Day parade.

He looked directly at my camera and said, "You KNOW that I'm a Democrat!"

Now, suddenly he's an "independent bridge between the parties". I guess the "Democrat" thing wasn't getting him enough Republican support, so he changed his party. The man is a liar and a hypocrite.

Lying must be one of those "non-partisan" activities that he supports so strongly.