Monday, October 16, 2006

We're fed up with you, Joe

This is a nightmare already. I'm trying to hold my lunch down. Joe is filibustering on the first question! Each candidate gets a total of 17 minutes out of the hour, so Joe is using it all now, it seems -- first question -- after Joe's filibuster -- if I was still attorney general looking to protect the consumer, I'll tell you there will be.....then he attacks Ned for being so negative, and then he says people should keep score -- and if it is in double digits (the attacks that is) then pizza and beer is on Ned. (WTF?!?!)


DR said...

WTF? is right.

my global conscious said...

trying to get the stream... ugh! it is not coming through!

many thanks bob for blogging this!

jen in denmark

my global conscious said...

got it moving! go ned!

he does need to slow down a bit. i understand that he is excited... patient cadence, ned!