Monday, October 30, 2006

Joe can't stick with "Stay the Course"

In this 13-second video, you can easily see the way George Bush and his little lapdog Joe Lieberman now insist that they never believed in "Stay the Course".

Joe (recently): "I am NOT for stay the course".

He must think you're all a bunch of dopes.

This is another betrayal from Joe Lieberman, this time to the maybe 1/3 of the voters out there who approve of our policy in Iraq and believe in "Stay the Course".

Joe is suddenly in favor of a phased withdrawal. That's what I call a betrayal to you "Stay the Course" people.

So now you don't have ANY reason to vote for Joe; and if it comes down to which candidate has always been 100% clear on Iraq and never LIED about his position, there's only one choice.

Ned Lamont.

Why would anyone still "stick with Joe" at this point?

He's got all the "sticktoitofness" of a fried egg on a teflon pan that's been sprayed with vegatable oil and WD-40.

How's THAT for sticking it to Joe?


The Stark Raving Viking said...

I have had it with Bush, I have had it with Rell.

They are both about lying to help their friends steal.

I put a video in my blog detailing how the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else.

Jim Crow is alive and well in Connecticut.

mrobinsong said...

He gets Ned's message: great article.

Joe Lieberman's Endless Hypocrisy By Cliff Schecter, AlterNet. Posted October 30, 2006.

If you don't like Sen. Joe Lieberman's position on an issue today, just check back with him tomorrow.

"It is this willingness to say or do whatever is necessary to hold on to his U.S. Senate seat, damn the consequences to what he claimed to believe last year or even last week, that makes Lieberman, a smarmy, power-hungry little yapping poodle of a politician, the perfect poster-boy for the amoral might-makes-right culture that currently animates our political system."

Anonymous said...

you were joking, right bob? ned lamont has been very inconsistent with his position of iraq. Position 1: Lamont Said he Would Have Supported Kerry-Feingold Amendment Requiring Total Withdrawal by July 1, 2007. “A second measure offered by Sens. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., and Russell Feingold, D-Wis., would have all U.S. troops out of Iraq by July 1, 2007. It got 13 votes. 'I would have supported them both, Lamont said. 'You've heard me say before, I think it's time to get our front line troops out of harm's way.'" (Hartford Courant, 6/23/06) Position 2: Lamont Would Not Have Supported Kerry-Feingold Amendment. "Swan said that Lamont backed the Reed-Levin plan, which is expected to win the votes of at least 40 of the Senate's 44 Democrats, even though it was 'watered down.' Lamont was 'sympathetic' to the Kerry proposal, Swan said, but 'he wouldn't necessarily vote for it, because he wants to be a uniter among Democrats.'" [Hartford Courant, 6/22/06]

CT Bob said...

Anonymous, blow it out your dumb cowardly ass.

If you believe that, you're the perfect "low information voter" that Joe creams about. Stay stupid and "stick with Joe", you anonymous pussy.

When are you going to realize that your hero Joe Lieberman IS the problem in DC, and Ned Lamont is the solution?

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

Hey Bob, did you see Torturman's response to Ned's NY Times endorsement?

Mindnumbing mendacity. (Surprise)

CT Bob said...

yeah, I saw it.

Danny's getting a little cranky, wouldn't you say?

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

In your heart, you know he's last.

Anonymous said...

"Danny's getting a little cranky, wouldn't you say?"

Seems that way. He doesn't seem to like you "blindingly angry bloggers." I think anyone who has been paying attention to the LieberRecord and the LieberStances and is not "blindingly angry" is missing either a head or a heart.

You don't have to be a blogger to be "blindingly angry" at what Joe has done and enabled Bush to do.

And, you don't even have to be "blindingly angry" to realize that it's time for Joe to go.

Anonymous said...

1st anon here. way to respond bobby! you completely disregarded what i wrote, just calling me names wont do anything. are you saying my sources are faulty, or would you like to say that even though lamont changed positions in a day, he is still the better choice?

CT Bob said...

Good thing I can touch type, because with all my "blinding anger", I'm having trouble seeing my keyboard!

Can you get eyeglasses for that? LOL!

Ned_Opportunist_2006 said...

The palpable frustration of the Lamont supporters makes me smile. You are great at assigning blame, terrible at assuming responsibility, and even worse at driving a coherent statewide campaign strategy.

I know you like to deride political "professionals" - but there is a reason they have that title. . . And now they are schooling you.

JoeC said...

Senator Joe, the Democrat who cut and ran as an independent...Senator Joe is about as well-versed in the Sith arts as Darth Cheney. But he's pretty interesting to hang out with: