Monday, October 16, 2006

Recap part 2

Overall, I think Schlesinger helped himself the most -- by getting fair time to talk and present himself to his Republican constituents. I think he will get a big bump out of this one.

Ned was fine. Ned is who he is, he stayed on message and was sensible.

Joe was the usual Joe.

For local spin (NBC) (CBS) -- host of the Wed/Th debate (taped Wed, airs TH) (ABC) -- host of the Mon night debate next week.

AK into her cell phone: Schlesinger is a nut case -- yelling and screaming -- between the other two, a draw -- Schlesinger took the pressure off -- sidebar the fact that they didn't talk about Iraq.

Schlesinger was entertaining, and he did set himself apart. He could be a fun profile.

We're leaving -- more later.


Anonymous said...

Who's AK?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it. Ann Kornbluth. Okay, who's Ann Kornbluth?

CT Bob said...

Bravo, Kirby, Bra-fucking-vo!!! Well done! Great work today. I'll talk to you later!

Carter said...

Great work Kirby. Thank you for putting your time into this, I for one appreciate it.

my global conscious said...

thanks kirby!
jen in denmark