Monday, October 16, 2006

Live on CSPAN

Just learned we are live on C-SPAN now. Looks like Ned's not going to sink to Joe's level -- whether that's good or bad is up for discussion. Each candidate has 17 min and in the front row, before the questioners is a table with a seat for each candidate to keep time and let the candidates know how they are doing time-wise. Ned hitting on homeland security now as part of N Korea answer.

Would love to see Ned and Alan gang up on Joe -- the 5th party candidate.


my global conscious said...

wow! alan slams joe about the time he spent on the clinton deal... maybe we WILL see them gang up on joe!

my global conscious said...

(hee hee hee) joe acknowledges that he was surprised to see alan call him on the carpet...

yes! ned calls lieberman on his missing the vote that would secure more homeland security funds for CT.

this is tooooo beautiful!

jen in denmark