Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some images from last night

While my ten-minute video opus on the debate is being rendered and uploaded to Youtube, here's some pictures I took last night to tide you over:

Here's the marquis of the Garde Arts Center. Because of Joe Lieberman's support of the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill, they couldn't afford to light the middle of the sign.

"You goddamn sonovabitch!"

The Puppetmaster-In-Chief shows who pulls the stings in the Connecticut For Lieberman Party.

"You goddamn sonovabitch!"

Here's the three reporters who managed to craft the most boring questions I've ever heard.

"You three goddamn sonsabitches!"

The Garde Arts Theater is a magnificently restored theater, and here's Connecticut Joyce with legendary actor Humphrey Bogart.

I think I may have heard Joe Lieberman say to Bogie, "You goddamn dead sonovabitch!" but I'm not 100% sure.

Poor Joe...the man simply doesn't possess ANY class.

(Disclaimer: for all I know, Joe may have been saying "You got some classy britches" to Ned)


Anonymous said...

Connecticut Joyce? I thought she'd be proud to claim the title of Mrs. Connecticut Bob!

Two weeks. Hang in there, Bob. Those of us who care about the future of this country truly appreciate all that you're doing.

CT Bob said...

Oh, I'm in this all the way to victory, my friend! No doubt about that!

And Joyce is equally happy with either title. :)