Monday, October 23, 2006

First Debate Report

The debate will be on C-SPAN tonight at 11p Eastern. Live stream at 8p Eastern and audio stream live at 8pm. (you might want to log in and fill out their stupid form in advance).

I just got the first report from Bob, and it is all about the money is pre-debate festivities in New London. Joe's people were right in front of the theatre, about 20 people, many in suits, no Lieberyouth to be seen, and about 15 firefighters with the IAFF, who endorsed Joe. Alan has about 20 people in front of the theatre. Then there's the Lamont Blob.

Bob estimates there are between 300 and 400 Ned supporters. They gathered about a block away because there are so many people there, and then, led by a police escort, then bagpipes, they marched to the front of the theatre with the KISS float bringing up the end of the party. Ned's people are handing out DVDs of the 1988 Lieberman tribute -- and the Lieberfolks just dumped them in the trash.

The KISS float is updated with a pot of money labeled "Petty Cash" and a sign that says "Is this Joe Lieberman's idea of 'Team Connecticut'?" I can't wait to see the video Bob is shooting as I type. A new sign on the back says "The kiss - stick with Joe and you're stuck with Bush"

It sounded pretty rowdy in the background as I was talking to Bob. Wish I was there! While you wait, visit Colin McEnroe's show and listen to interviews he did with Tom Swan (campaign mgr), George Stephanopoulous (tonight's moderator) and Eunice Groark, (campaign co-chair), former Republican who served as Lt.Governor with Lowell Weicker as governor when they ran under "A Connecticut Party"


s p a z e b o y said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm across the street from the damn thing. Met the guy in the Kiss Float. Cool to be here anyway even if I didn't get into the debate.

Sharoney said...

What 1988 Lieberman tribute? And why would Joe's paid thugs throw them away?