Friday, October 20, 2006

Follow the money

For all his self-serving whining about being poor and cash-strapped, Joe Lieberman appears to be doing OK financially.

There's no better way to spend a rainy day than by thumbing through the incredibly complex and extremely interesting Lieberman Campaign Financial Report.

Oh, and don't worry about the Q-poll. They were wrong about Ned's enormous lead two weeks before the primary, and they're wrong about this. Poll director Douglas Schwartz is a publicity-seeking clown who desperately wants to impose his spin on the numbers and sound like an intelligent prognosticator.

Doug, stick to what you know...phoning lonely retirees and tabulating the results.

Anything else just makes you look like a dope.


LamontTruthTeller said...

Please, don't confuse the facts by saying that Douglas Schwartz is a publicity-seeking clown. In FACT, we all know that's you.

CT Bob said...

Thanks pussy. I knew you'd come out of the woodwork like the worm you are to celebrate your hero's fake poll numbers.

Have you signed your kids up for the coming war in Iran yet?

Carter said...


Let me express my frustration with this Lieberman Campaign Financial Report.

The document is a scanned copy of a fax that was converted to a PDF file. This makes it difficult to read. Forget about extracting the data automatically. I tried using OCR technology and ended up with a gigantic file of useless unreadable text. Garbage in, garbage out.

Does a more readable text copy of this document exist?

YoMama said...

You're utterly predicatable Con.Boob (sic), like an amoeba--if you poke it, it reacts.

Dearie, if you would only step away from the mirror for a moment, you might see the reality around you. Lmaont is going down bigtime.

Maybe, when they put his campaign to rest, they can lay it out dressed in an inside-out jacket and tinfoil koskap.

gchaucer2 said...

Geez, Bob, you sure get a lot of troll fans here.

Question re: the Q poll: Clearly they reacted to the criticism that it reflected numbers prior to the debates so they supposedly extended it beyond the first debate. I think it added a question re: seeing the first debate. How can anyone get accurate data that spans pre and post debate periods? I'm a numbers illiterate, but this approach sounds fishy.

Nice to know the Liebertrolls have someplace to express their angst since their guy doesn't want to hear from them or anyone else, for that matter.

Carter said...

To be honest, CTBob has been fairly troll free. For the most part the comments section of CTBob has been a good place for discussion unlike some other sites that do not allow the sharing of comments at all. I can deal with the occasional troll like "YoMama" given the fact that comments are allowed on the site.

And @YoMama, have a listen here:


Anonymous said...

I hope you are correct about the Q-Poll. A 17 point lead will be nearly impossible to overcome at this point, if true...I just wish that Ned hadn't taken so much time off and played it so "safe" after the primary. He just disappeared for some unkown reason. He obviously got some very bad advice, as it seems to me that he needed to be even more agresssive; not less towards Liberman. He might have lost his chance now, but who knows? That's why they hold elections.

harriet said...

Hey bob, I have to make this fast because I have a lot of phone banking to do today! I think the reason these trolls are showing up is because you’re getting under their skin, AND THAT’S GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They actually believe the crap about the polls and hate seeing that we still want to win!

Remember that beautiful catch last night, robbing them of a home run and turning it into a double play. Well, the Ned team will do just that on November 7th, and unlike the Mets, WE won’t be standing there watching the ball go over the plate, WE’LL BE SWINGING WITH EVERYTHING WE GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Poll director Douglas Schwartz is jewish. Need I say more?

Thing is this poll makes no sense whatsoever. The loser of the primary, and loser of the debates has a 17 point lead?


The emperor wears no clothes!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I don't think the Poll Director's religion has anything to do with this.

AlsoBobFromCT said...

We are to believe that blue CT, ground zero for the revolt against Bushism, is immune to the gathering tidal wave of anti-Republican, anti-Bush, anti-neocon, anti-Iraq sentiment building in the nation? How does the poll director explain that?

Anonymous said...

fuck all of you who are making religion an issue. ned lamont doesnt care who is what religion, so neither should you. q-polls are just plain wrong. remember how big of a lead they had lamont with a few days before primary? religion will only affect anti-semetic voters.

kirby said...

"all of you making religion an issue" is one anonymous commenter, like you, who won't even use a consistent on-line identity.

Bob nor I have suggested in any way that Joe's religion has anything to do with anything.

We write a blog, Bob does amazing video, and we will only remove comments that are spam or those that are beyond the pale.

gchaucer2 said...

Kirby and Bob -- I am about the stupidest person re: internet and I figured out how to get an actual online identity. I get very confused with the multiple anonymous folks -- is there a way to make everyone have an actual identity?

And thanks to both of you for a great site, that is actually well monitored. And love the dog.

Anonymous said...

i wasnt accusing you kirby. i have seen some questionable posts here and daily kos that has to stop.