Saturday, October 14, 2006

Joe Lieberman thinks you're stupid

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I'm addicted to the website.

I can't help it. Every time they post something new, it's like watching a slow-motion movie of the Hindenburg exploding and crashing to the ground.

You can't NOT watch!

So this morning, I copied the latest "Blog of Joe" posts to my new website, The Joe 2006 Blog WITH Commenting Turned On.

As you may recall, Joe couldn't take the heat of dissent and he abruptly turned the comments off, only 6 days after "Danger Stain" promised this:
"We are not going to censor comments from our opponents, unless they post obscene material."

"Instead, we are going to use our free speech to point out any of the blatant lies or crude insults the Lamonsters post to call attention to the kind of negative, destructive politics that Ned and his followers like to practice."
Well, apparently Joe's definition of "Free Speech" doesn't include anyone with a differing opinion. Dan started removing obscenity-free comments that were simply critical of Joe's policies, which annoyed some commenters, who in turn expressed that annoyance, which caused Dan's brain to short-circuit and he did the only thing he could think of...he yanked the comments altogether.

Nice job there, Danny.

So I created the Joe2006Blog to allow you to comment on Joe's Blog. Hey, SOMEBODY had to stand up for Free Speech!

Anyway, I came across another unintentionally ironic post on Joe's website, this one located on that oh-so-cleverly named "The Full Lamonty"...

...because, you see, there was a play called The Full Monty which apparantly had something to do with male nudity.

Which makes perfect sense because Joe has given his full approval to George Bush so the US can ignore Geneva Treaty provisions and force prisoners of war into "naked man pyramids".

So yeah, the name "The Full Lamonty" is absolutely fitting for something that Joe Lieberman has on his official website.

And anyway, Christopher Shays agrees with Joe Lieberman that he doesn't think this is torture.

The latest entry on The Full Lamonty is called "Lamont Misinformation Pollutes Long Island Sound". Among the errors of omission and outright lies, Joe proposes that even though he voted FOR the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill (and he was alone among New England Democrats supporting this awful piece of legislation), the bill doesn't prevent Connecticut from blocking the proposed Broadwater LNG Gas Platform for mid Long Island Sound.

In case you missed it, the Broadwater Platform is basically a floating bomb the size of four city blocks that will be located in the very same area that a 600-foot freighter just ran over a 92-foot sailboat in perfect visibility and calm weather.

What could possibly go wrong?

Joe Lieberman's lies include this: "Broadwater is in New York, not Connecticut, waters. Connecticut never had any authority to block the project, regardless of the Energy Policy Act."

Now, if you're stupid like Joe hopes, you'll take that statement at face value. Joe is counting on you being stupid.


By voting in favor of the bill, Joe Lieberman gave away the only chance we had of seeing this project halted. He voted to TAKE AWAY NEW YORK'S RIGHT TO OBJECT TO THE PROJECT AND HE GAVE IT TO BUSH AND CHENEY. Guess how they'll rule on this.

That's what Joe did.

Don't fall for his empty lies. The more you know, the more Joe hates it.


Anonymous said...

How interesting, or is it coincidence.

TPM Elction Central thinks Lamont is Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Most of us just think Ned is dumb, but stupid works too.

CT Bob said...

It is interesting.

What's an "Elction", you dumbass?

You spell like Joe votes...half-assed.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Con. Boob, I really am a bad speller.

CT Bob said...

That's OK. Just be sure to vote in the "Elction".


Tell me the're Dan Gerstein, aren't you?

Yes, I thought so.

harriet said...

Bob, this site does attract the asinine liebertrolls, but maybe that's all Joe has supporting him?

Meanwhile, I'll stick with Ned and his supporters, like you, because you've proven your willingness to do your homework and get the REAL facts out to the public!

Thanks for all your research on Joe's record -- I'm glad someone is about getting to the truth and not just coming on here spewing hatred!

Gota run, lots of doors to knock on today!!!!

CT Bob said...

Have a great day, Harriet! Nice day to go door-knocking for Ned.

justinh said...

Hey Bob,

Over at Kos, someone has posted a great set of pics of Lieberman swooning over Cheney and Rumsfeld. Might be great material for a your talents.

harriet said...

hey Bob, I just got back from canvassing and it was a beautiful day with great responses for Ned! On one block alone, four people actually let us put lawn signs right in front of their homes! One man told us he just became a US citizen and was so happy he was going to be able to cast his first vote, it was very touching; he even placed a lawn sign in front of his house!! This all took place in Stamford, Joe's old home town...yeah!!!!

Now all I need is the Mets to win tonight to top off the day!!!!