Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Videos of Crossroads' faith-based interviews

Several weeks ago Shane Griffiths from Crossroads Magazine interviewed Ned Lamont (which I then co-opted and posted here) along with the other two Senate candidates on faith-based issues. The finished program was aired last weekend, and CT residents will be able to see it again Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 5:30 a.m. on WTXX the CW Channel 20.

They have the video online. Here's the two-part interviews with the three Senate candidates, on these issues:

- Faith in politics
- Health Care
- Choice
- Gay Marriage

I like the format of the interviews; it has the feeling of a debate, where all three candidates answer the exact same question, but they were interviewed at different times and places. This results is sincere answers that are untainted by the other candidate's replies.

I'd like to see this format expanded and used more in the future (by me, of course). It allows the voters to see the candidates' views on specific issues compared with each other, in a straight forward manner.

Great job with this, Shane.

(UPDATE: The videos below were apparently removed from Youtube, so if you want to see the portion of the interview featuring Ned Lamont which I taped and posted myself, please click on THIS LINK)

Part One

Part Two

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Anonymous said...

My comment: Vote sane, vote Ned Lamont! *Especially* on the healthcare issue.