Sunday, October 22, 2006

Voter registration deadline almost here!

I find it hard to believe that regular readers of the local political blogs in CT are not registered to vote, but if family, friends and neighbors are not, their registrations must be hand-delivered or post-marked by October 24. Update: The deadline to register in person is 10/31

If you’re not registered, or if you know someone who isn’t, download and print the voter registration form in English or Spanish. Make sure to get yours into a mailbox by last pick-up on Tuesday 10/24. If for a friend or family member, remind them to get it in the mail by last pick-up on Tuesday 10/24.

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We registered 30,000 new Democrats approaching the primary, and Ned won by around 10,000 votes. So THAT should tell you how important it is to be registered to vote! Regardless of who you support, there's no way you should miss casting your vote because of failing to be registered.

(BTW, even though I said "regardless of who you support", remember that Joe Lieberman voted for the repeal of Constitutionally protected rights and also voted in favor of torture.

So if you want to lose your right to vote, and then get tortured for it, be sure to "Stick With Joe"! LOL!)

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