Tuesday, October 31, 2006

R?!? WTF?

ABC News showing some of that award-winning reportering.


Anonymous said...

Again as a former Lawngulander.

The NY Stations always assume that Greenwitch, CT=Republican.

Though I am suprised this is coming from channel 7, they are usually preety fair.

CT Bob said...

No, I don't really think they're being unfair.

They're just sloppy and lazy.

I'm finding that much of the MSM exhibits the same lack of precision that used to be the hallmark of top-notch journalists.

Anonymous said...

R ... D... for ABC or any of the other HackTV stations it is just that they were told they needed to insert a letter between parens.

Back in The Old Days (September 16, 2006) BNC gave LieberPoop a Letter I between his parens. At that time he was already a clear (CfL).

TV Hacks are un-fixable. Boycott/Girlcott/Transgendercott everyone except Comedy Central, C-Span and Olbermann.

CT Bob said...

Or, if you're like Joe Lieberman, you can "Asexualcott" the TV hacks. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I once sent an email to a Washington Post reporter asking why he didn't ask the tough questions, instead of just writing down what statements were said, and I got a response stating his role as a reporter is, "to report and analyze but not to take sides."

So, I guess asking the tough questions is taking sides???? No wonder this country is in the mess we're in! thank GOD for YOU...the People Power Media!

carterman said...

Ugh. I am tired of our news media being asleep at the wheel. Too bad FOX did not make the mistake, it would have (somewhat) made up for the other error they recently made.