Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Debate footage online!

Secret Agent Guy Matt Stoller snagged some undercover footage of the super secret WFSB Senate debate, via a NSA-surplus Taiwanese high-tech microchip wireless video camera, hidden in his bow tie.

Or he simply used his digital camera. You decide.

Thanks Matt!

And here's some post-debate interviews courtesy of Tim Tagaris of the Lamont campaign.

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harriet said...

WOW, Ned definitely has gotten command of the issues and his closing statement and press interviews I think are 1st rate! I can't imagine anyone better than Ned right now and any one who doesn't take the time to really listen to what he is saying, SHAME ON THEM! How can any one compare a whinney old sour puss, like Joe, who doesn't have one issue he can be proud off trump someone who has the passion and vision to move this country in a better direction?

Alan Schlesinger may be a good guy for the Republicans and Ned is right, he deserves a voice in the debate. At any rate, Alan is better than Joe and I hope he succeeds in taking the votes away from him because that would definitely favor Ned. But, regardless of Schlesinger, Ned is someone who can stand on his own merits and that is why I know he's going to win on November 7th!

Okay, my comment is a little long, but that's the kind of passion Ned brings to this campaign!