Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What About Social Security?

Joe answered first
*Very important question
*1 in 5 -- 160,000 seniors in CT depend on SS
*They would live in poverty without SS
*Good through 2040 -- dollars needed for benefits will match dollars coming in
*I've been working on this, but SS not enough
*I am working on legislation to protect company pensions
*First, we need to repeal Congressional pensions and let these guys live under SS (loud applause)
*Joe, you're an ostrich, just like the rest of them, a member of flock
*[He said more, but consistent with Monday debate, discussing Joe's not understanding and it's all IOUs and I missed it -- sorry]
*Joe has flip-flopped on privatization
*We stand by SS and will keep it healthy financially
*[He said more, but consistent with Monday debate, and I missed it -- sorry]

*Al and I may disagree
*IOUs in SS, yes, because of the budget deficit
*I am against privatization
*As long as God gives me life, I will fight for SS
*Joe needs to talk to the GAO and other experts in the government
*Joe's plan is IOUs from him and Al Gore in the lock box
*Fundamental changes, as Al said, are critical
*Budget problems
*Too much foreign oil -- Cheney bill increases our foreign oil dependence
*Invasion in Iraq has made us less safe, less money available



Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds so bipartisan between Ned and Al.....thought that was Joe's special power.

Anonymous said...

Joe is a dick! What a pompous ass. How can ANYONE vote for him?