Monday, October 16, 2006

The Lying Lieberman

Lieberman bag man Monahan brings up Joe's completely false ad about Ned laying off people -- Ned has a chance to correct false impression and talk about selling off business units -- then turns to hard-core issues.

Alan says he has the best combo of real people and politics -- and nails Ned on the country club membership.

Joe -- being a senator is an important thing...talking about his record of accomplishments -- and negative Ned again -- Joe defending his ad regarding Ned starting a business from scratch -- "I'll bet small businessmen in this room would like to have the kind of scratch Ned had..."


CT Bob said...

Kirby, you're ROCKIN' the joint! AWESOME work today!

CT Bob said...

Wow, Joe ran out of time, and Ned is killing him! This is great!

my global conscious said...

gotta love alan's referring to joe's time is up as a *no pun intended*!

jen in denmark

CT Bob said...

This is Alan's coming out party; he's going to get a TON of publicity from this appearance!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that monahan Q qwas a softball for Ned. He may not have parked it, but he at least hit a triple.


Liebermeforme said...

America has a problem!

Joe Must Go!!!!