Friday, October 20, 2006

Video Roundup

Lots of good stuff in the past few days.

Looking for the now famous Amann video? Click here

Here's the interview with Alan Schlesinger

In the last 24 hours, there are two new Lamont commercials to take a look at: This one, Entrepreneur, was the first commercial aired immediately following the WFSB debate broadcast last night, then it got some rotation during game 7 of the NLCS (so sorry, Bob)

This one, with Dodd, debuted this AM. I think the end is pretty clever. What will be Dodd's punishment from Joe for this one?

Over at Spazeboy, the doctor is in

For anyone who has a teenaged girl at home, or knows one -- this video speaks to girls' (and women's) self esteem in a way words cannot possibly. (Hat tip to Colin McEnroe)

And now for the one that will really piss you off:
The Republican National Committee is trying to use fear in the most panicked way by suggesting a terrorist attack is imminent -- sound familiar? You can see it here The particularly disgusting thing about this is the end -- "These are the stakes" is right out of the Johnson daisy ad that aired only once because it was deemed so over the top.


scarecrow said...

kirby -- helpful roundup. thanks.

The Lamont ads are not enough; they might be okay if Ned were leading comfortably, but if he's not, then something more is needed. It sure would be helpful to run some adds focused on the main issues that are still keeping many Dems and Indies in Joe's camp. I sure hope the campaign pounds the last two weeks with these key themes:

1. Iraq is a disaster. The worst strategic blunder in our lifetimes. We can’t hope to change course, or even get a realistic assessment of where we are, unless we hold those who got us into Iraq, especially the Lieberman neocons who supported these strategic blunders, accountable. They need to go. If we don’t hold Lieberman accountable, he and the neocon radical right will lead us into yet another catastrophe in the ME or elsewhere.

2. The entire Bush foreign policy, endorsed by Lieberman, is littered with failure and is destroying US honor and prestige around the world. They are making the world less safe; they are endangering US security; they have already made Israel less secure, and they have completely destroyed US ability to be the honest broker and peacemaker. We have to replace Lieberman and others who continue to enable these disasterous policies.

3. Lieberman no longer stands for democratic principles. He has repeatedly betrayed his party and Democratic principles by dissing his fellow Democrats, leaders and their positions, and failing to support them at every opportunity they had to hold the Bush regime accountable and to provide a check on its radical behavior. He’s enabled Supreme Court justices that will rubber stamp the Bush regime’s radical agenda and assault on the Constitution. Joe’s vote for the torture bill was a moral outrage and was another example of enabling the worst, most radical and dangerous policies of the Bush regime. He’s undermined respect for law at home and respect for international standards everywhere.

4. Ned believes in democratic principles and will fight for them. Ned believes there is compelling need to reverse the Bush/Katrina notion that government should be so weakened, so corrupt and so incompetent that it can no longer work for the people. Ned will work for economic security for the working/middle class, starting with universal health care.

5. Ned believes government exists to help people who need a hand, not to protect and further enrich the privileged; government also exists to correct the excesses of the market, to hold corporations in check when they put profits ahead of the need for economic security for workers, not to suppress organized labor or seek to undermine Social Security, or create donut holes for Medicare drug programs. Joe Lieberman has betrayed these principles, and the clearest signs of that were his votes for bankruptcy and energy bills, his unwilling to allow the government to negotiated for lower drug prices, which helped the wealthiest corporations at the expense of ordinary people. And now to stay in office, Joe eagerly solicits and accepts millions in campaign contributions from the largest corporations and lobby-related PACs that are fighting to maintain corporate interests over the economic security interests of the working/middle class.

6. And finally, Joe can’t be trusted. He’s betrayed his own party; he’s betrayed the constitution, and he will betray those Republicans and Independents who think they’re getting an independent, principled voice. Joe has betrayed everyone, and he can’t be trusted. It is time for Joe to go.

kirby said...

I have no idea what the campaign plans for the home stretch, but I do know the polls can't be trusted in this race whatsoever. Right now, we just have to turn it over to Swannie and company and trust that they have mapped this out.

I also think that Ned is a man of integrity and that there is a line he won't cross in going to the gutter -- one that Joe lost sight of long ago.

Mauimom44 said...

Re the "fear/daisy-look-alike" ad: The Repubs only did a $20K ad buy on this. They've gotten FAR more traction from "comments" and "outrage" from the MSM and blogs. Just ignore the stupid thing.