Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back from New London

And boy, am I tired!

Here's a Tim Tagaris photo (via MY batteries, which he bummed off of me at the cost of me taking pictures with my own digital camera!) of the Lamont crowd moments before our triumphant march to the theater. The surly Irishman in the lower left is Tom Swan (who isn't surly at all, but just looks that way when he smells blood), and Ned Lamont is just above him, shaking hands and greeting his supporters. My buddy Sal is visible at lower right, and that's a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush on the pole being Joe Lieberman's puppetmaster.

It was a real hoot tonight, from our very first view of the new and improved Kiss Float; to the very last sip of IPA Ale that I enjoyed at the bar moments after meeting the legend Bill Hillsman himself in person!

Joyce and I just dropped off the amazing Caffinated Geek Girl from Connecticut Local Politics (Genghis Conn has got a lot of great pictures from the debate posted there) and we caught the last 10 minutes of the late CSPAN rebroadcast, and it came across almost as crazy as it was for us who were there.

I sat with Branford Boy (and his lovely wife Sally, who's clearly much too good for him!) and it was a lot like being at a good football game when the home team is winning. Hoots and cheers went up mostly for Ned, and despite the party-fucking-pooping Lyndon LaRouche tards who showed up to sing badly at Joe, it was a fun time.

Tomorrow I'll have video of the post-debate Joe taking questions from the (lazy, transcribing, do-nothing) press while giving me the stink-eye, and rushing off before my volley of polite yet intriguing questions were fired at him. Plus some other cool stuff. And I had a moment to speak to Alan Schlesinger post-debate, who was open and accessable as always.

But that will be tomorrow.

(And somebody, please, just tell me when exactly was it that George Stephanopolis had the stick surgically implanted into his ass?)

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