Monday, October 16, 2006

The reviews are coming in!

And they look great for Ned!

Here's an ABC News commentary on the debate:
"I'm running against a career politician who says, 'Stay the course,'" said Lamont, echoing the anti-war mantra that propelled him to victory in the August primary. "It's time for us now to redeploy our forces."

Trailing in the polls, Lamont hit back at Lieberman's charge that he's a running a negative campaign.

"It's not negative to say we've got to change course in Iraq," Lamont said.
And Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent had this to say about Alan Schlesinger:
The ghost of Crazy Eddie was channeled Monday by a man who would be Connecticut's next senator -- and whose name is neither Lieberman nor Lamont.


So Schlesinger came out swinging -- literally, with his hands at times -- when he finally got to debate his two opponents in a televised debate. He injected a new factor into the race. Lieberman sought to focus attention, and criticism, on Lamont, his closest rival. But Schlesinger pounced on them both throughout the debate, and sought to establish himself as the conservative alternative to two "liberal Democrats."


Carter said...

"The ghost of Crazy Eddie..."

Crazy Eddie is dead?

John Blossom said...

The News 12 top story summary provided clips of each of the candidates and reactions from the audience as to who won. The nod was going to...Schlesinger. They had an analysis from a Sacred Heart U professor also saying that Schlesinger won the debate, that Lamont seemed scripted and Lieberman relaxed.

But in the battle of the sound bites Lamont is going to do pretty well. He didn't make slips and his key messages were very digestible.

harriet said...

"relaxed" ??? Joe looked more like "Charlie Brown" coming off the mound after being clobbered by Alan Scheslinger! I was there and I can tell you Joe looked pretty pathetic trying to kept up his little “pity party” (woe is me because Ned keeps going negative) that people were actually rolling their eyes; at one time the audience even let out a groan, at which time Joe pointed over to the audience and said "that's the Lamont people." Believe me, there were plenty of other people who joined in on that groan that were not sitting at the Lamont table!

Bob, Alan was very much like the person who showed up on your video but even funnier and had the audience really laughing at times, mostly at his attacks on Joe! When Alan told Joe, “Excuse the bun, but your time is up.” A huge burst of laughed and clapping came from the audience.

scarecrow said...

More great work, Bob. You guys are true patriots. The MA contingent will be coming down again next weekend. Hope to see you.

Anonymous said...

I was there and, quite honestly, I think Schlesinger did the best job overall. He made the rounds of the tables beforehand, introducing himself. At the dais, he was comfortable and witty, scored points (mostly off Joe), and laid out some ideas. Not a bad day for him -- and not bad for Lamont if Schlesinger gets a bounce. When he was visiting the tables, a big Lamont supporter said, "Here's hoping you get 25%." Schlesinger replied, "I'm going to get 35!"

Joe looked like he'd been practicing his "Senatorial" stance in a mirror for weeks. You could almost hear him thinking, "Okay Joe... 1, 2, 3... step back, lift head, look like a Senator." I thought it was pretty amusing to hear him attack Lamont for attacks. Overall, Joe came off as belligerent, defensive and mean. He had nothing much to say beyond attacking Lamont. And yeah, practically the whole room groaned at one point.

I have to say that Lamont's style always worries me. I do wish he'd come back at Joe a little harder and a bit more decisively -- and with some more hard facts. My friend thinks the "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" demeanor works for him; while I like it, I'm not so sure it works for everyone.

I don't know as anyone "wins" debates like this. But I think Joe came in 3rd. But doesn't he always, when there's any competition at all?

kirby said...

Harriet -- wish I could have met you today! Any chance you'll be at the taping in Hartford on Wed? I'm leaving next Monday night to Bob and the boys and CGG -- New London is far away, the debate doesn't start till 8, and the Giants are playing the Cowboys.

Anonymous2 -- I agree 100% -- Alan owned the room. We can't let the MSM just ignore him.

CT Bob said...

Alan Schlesinger is the "X-factor" in this 3-way race. Joe had no idea before today, but Online Journalist Pat Carroll and I had a major hint after our interview 2 days ago.

We KNEW it was gonna be a "Joe-lamity"!

harriet said...

Oh I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you Kirby because I always look forward to reading your dairies! I wasn't planning on going to Hartford; it's a little too far. I'm usually volunteering between the Norwalk and Stamford offices during the week making phones calls and doing whatever but I do hope to meet you before the campaign is over. We always have the victory party on November 7th!!!!

I too agree with annonymous2!

How about Joe spending 10 minutes attacking Ned for attacking him and than ends it all by saying "it's time we stop attacking" – I just wanted to take the big fat hard cookie left on the plate it throw it at him!

For the next debate, I think both Ned and Alan should show up with violins so they can add some background music to Joe’s slobbering tales of being attacked – what ya think!

Anonymous said...

"Ghost of Crazy Eddie" ... just another mundane journalist denigrating the power of emotion in politicians .. I guess he prefers the walking dead as leaders. Just as happened with Howard Dean, when one shows the emotion under the suit and tie, one is hogtied by the 4th Estate.

Anonymous said...

WaPO is still smashing Lamont's head against the wall for his lame campaign. Tsk.