Thursday, October 19, 2006

Paulie Walnuts ain't got nuttin' on dis guy!

I hope our House Speaker sees the humor in this cute little video, or I may have to shop around for a remote car-starter.

If anybody has the number of the Witness Protection Program, that might come in handy.

UPDATE: More here from the New Haven Register.

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terhuxtim said...

This guy is such a DICK.

CaptCT said...

WOW! CTBob, CTKeith, what a show!

What's that expression .... ? "Give an idiot enough rope and he'll hang himself with it."

I can't stop laughing. It hurts.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!

I dont know when this schmuck is up for re-election, but when that time comes. Id love to see this in every piece of campaign literature!

Nice job guys! Hold on to that tape real close!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, this is why Milford is the way it is. I knew there had to be a reason.

Seriously, at first I thought this was a joke but...the Sopranos analogy is so perfect. My guess is that he has his own table, in the back, at Aldario's.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Bobby Pictures -- worth a coupla sawbucks in the tip jar -- tanks!

harriet said...

I had no idea what kind of guy this man was, but why should I be surprised, the fact he still supports Loserman should have given me the first clue! He made my skin crawl, what a creep!!!!!!!!

Yeah, hang on to this video, the yuk factor is priceless!!!

selise said...

please tell, me you-all are looking for a primary challenger, right?


any local tv stations willing to run that tape?

Anonymous said...

Look guys, it's got to be a three-way race. In Milford there are a ton of tolerant Republicans and Independents who want to vote in favor of Civil Unions and equal rights for gays. Amann deserves a big squeeze, not just for his support of our war-mongering Senator, but also for his vile comments made during the historic civil union vote.

Not to mention we need to change politics-as-usual in our Statehouse. Bums like Amann basically handed Rell an extended honeymoon, and the highest approval ratings of any Governor in the country. (which she doesn't deserve.)

And what kind of "leader" puts himself above the collective will of his own Party, as expressed in the August Senate primary which had a record turn-out.

Amann is an arrogant ass. And while I'm not out to fight a hundred of these battles, after 11/7 I will be committed to a movement to oust Jim Amann. Anyone? Anyone?

Finally, I hope everyone knows that DimBulb's wife was making calls, telling everyone that Lamont was a "Communist"! Good Grief. I thought this was the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

So, this is the Speaker of the House for the State of Connecticut. Amazing. The good news is that "dis guy" has just given all Connecticut bloggers a new project to work on after Nov. 7.

"Good luck," he sez. So I sez to him, "yeah, pal, I gotcha good luck right here (grabbing my crotch)." (sorry for that, just thought I should speak a dialect that dat guy would understand).

ctblogger said...

Oh my!

Looks like we have a new project after Nov.

Anonymous said...

If Amann has any political sense, he will hide under a rock rather than attend any public Lieberman events from now on.

CT Bob and CT Bloggers, I thank you. This is exactly how the Democratic party should work.

Those "Democrats" who maliciously undermine their own party should be exposed, ridiculed, targeted and, ultimately, defeated.

Lieberman is receiving this treatment now. Amann is next up.

Let this be an object lesson for Democratic politicians across the country.

Actions have consequences.


Anonymous said...

Great video. As I posted on MLN, I grew up in Milford and knew Jim in high school. He was a moron then and he's still a moron. Normally I'd say that there's little to be gained from taking revenge on Dems who strayed to Joe's camp but this guy is an embarassment to the Democratic Party. Not to mention that he's ethically challenged too, by twisting people's arms to contribute to the charity for which he is a paid fundraiser. I hereby nominate CT Bob to run for Jimmy's seat. Better yet, let's start a write-in campaign this year! (By the way this post is anonymous because I'm too technically challenged to figure out how to register my screen name)

CT Bob said...

I respectfully decline the nomination to run against Jim Amann.

Thanks volunteering me, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fellow anonymouser above,

It's not in any way a matter of taking revenge. The point is to clean up the party. I look at this video and I can understand why a lot of intellegent, well-meaning people choose to call themselves Republican despite the sorry Republican record. Guys like 'dis drive people away from the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bob.

You are a genius and I love you!

(I'm also slightly worried for your safety, but I know you're tough!)

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

Terrific work Bob, Ct.Keith, Branford Boy, alla youse!

Anonymous said...

3-Way! 3-Way! 3-Way! 3-Way! 3-Way! Amann loves 3-Ways, and so do I!

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

Bob, I sent you a 50 for terrific blogging. Where's a link to donate to the Kiss Float?

Anonymous said...

Send this to Kos, and Firedoglake, give WTNH a try. Everyone needs to see this. This is sad, hilarious and irritating all at the same time.

btw: I too, had trouble creating a login.

CT Bob said...

ifthethunderdontgetya - wow, thanks so much!

The KISS float folks have requested that nobody donate to them; they have all the money they need. Feel free to donate to your favorite candidates. Fire Dog Lake has links to all the major candidates.

anonymous - regarding Kos, etc; I have the absolute worst luck when it comes to publicizing my own work. It's a Karma thing I'm sure.

Feel free to spread the word on this post, but I'm just going to sit back and wait for the brick with the note on it to come smashing through the kitchen window (grin).

Anonymous said...

Being a native of Milford and understanding the werid dynamics of this town. Thanks to Bloggers this type of outrageous denial of political alliance can be exposed. The Democratic speaker of the House in the state of Connecticut should be openly supporting the Democratic canidate for Senate. I am just not sure why the Party has not asked him to resign. Thanks Bob & Keith for exposing this arrogance the "I will crush them " mentality. Jim has become the elephant in the room from what I have witnessed in Milford. PPM right on!!!!!!!

imajoebob said...

Watch yourself Jimmy! I ain't just any idiot!

Oh. Wait... That's not... Crap.

Anonymous said...

Bob and Keith,
This is what democracy is all about. I love the guerilla politics, keep it coming. If he was a humble politician he wouldn't have come back for more but as an arrogant self righteous jerk--he couldn't resist not having the last word.


James Amann said...

Great video. I added it to my website for all my constituents to see.

CT Bob said...


tessa said...

I am currently in Italy, and there are no guys like Jim Amann here.

Go to the Borat video for more on crushing opponents. (at the 4 minute mark)

This is the sort of speechifying I have heard from Jim Amann for the past 2 years. I am just the sort of idiot who would run against him if I had the $75 Grand and lived in his district.

Mauimom44 said...

Can the "new" Connecticut House elect a "new" speaker? This guy is a total embarrassment!!!

CT Bob said...

Yes, when the new session begins in January, I believe one of their first tasks is to elect House leadership.

We'll see how much play this gets between now and then.

Anonymous said...

I worked in Milford for 27 years. Almost every friday noon I had lunch at Aldario's. I had my own table. I never saw this slim ball there. I doubt that fine resturant would allow him to soil the place.

Hey Jimmy guess what? Don't expect any invites to speak at any Mensa dinners either. What a freakin' idoit...But he is a Milford Democrat, so I guess he is normal.