Friday, October 27, 2006

"We're # 49! We're # 49!"

C'mon everybody, if we all try REAL HARD and reelect Joe Lieberman, we can make NUMBER FIFTY!

(video by by Brian Felsen and Stefan Avalos)


Short Stories said...

Aren't there some Joe fans out there besides me?

CT Bob said...

You're not asking the right question.

The question should be:

WHY are you a Joe fan?

CT Bob said...

BTW, we're getting to the Liebertrolls. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this add on MSM TV?! It's so simple and effective that even low info voters might get it.

CT Bob said...

I agree. It's effective and funny. Bill Hillsman (Ned's ad man) has made a career out of ads like this one.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. I sure hope that we continue to rally our troops with stuff like the great "Stay the Course" ad, and that the Lamont campaign is hitting the Repubs with something like my "We're 49!" ad.

Lamont can't win by only attracting 1/11th of the Repub vote, and we were severely disadvantaged by their not running a candidate against us.

How can we keep Ned in the fold if he loses, and how can we spin this as not a loss for the netroots, given that both parties seem to have thrown Ned under the bus? How can we keep lurkers like me active and creative, making ads and hitting the streets? And make more Kiss Floats for next time? And hold our Dem leaders accountable, even though Joe's victory might seem to send the opposite message?

- Brian Felsen