Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Debate Report p.2

The questions this time were more on Iraq, Iran, North Korea, homeland security than the Monday debate in Stamford.

Q.1 "Where do we go from here in Iraq?'
Q.2. At what point, with North Korea and Iran should the US take military action (nukes)
Q.3. Families in the Northeast are very concerned about the 6.3% increase in home heating oil prices -- what would you do?
Q.4. Despite CT being home to more high-value target, the state is only going to get $15mil in homeland security money, down from $50mil in 2004. How do we get more $$?
Q.5. E-mail from viewers -- the future of social security is a great concern for young people -- how would you keep it solvent?
Q.6. Last -- quick, 30 sec each -- what is the best way homeland security can protect CT?

Remember, there was an opening, each candidate got a 2-min closing statement (10 min)
Each question took a min of 7.5 min, and then there were the pauses between candidates and asking the questions, etc. that took up more time. And we got yelled at by Bob Schieffer when the whole audience cheered one of Alan's answers on Social Security. Yes -- those were the only questions.

Next, I'll post from my notes on the answers from Joe, Alan, and Ned. Mr. Knibbs and Mr. Ferrucci, I mean no disrespect -- your bloggers can post for you now, and everyone will see your work tomorrow night. I must say, though, that both were very, very well prepared, knowledgable, and answered questions directly without political doublespeak. They made us proud that they were there, taking part in the full debate.

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