Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well, at least it was an exciting run!

And since the universe mostly works in fairly predictable ways, this means that Ned will definitely win in November.

Because, Karma can't possibly be THAT mean to me twice in three weeks!


Anonymous said...

Bob, So sorry about your Mets. can't believe Beltran. but let's hope you are right. The Mets are young and can wait for next year, the democracy cannot.

Anonymous said...

I'm bummed about the Mets, too. Whoda thunk their offense would be their undoing?

Anyway, Lieberman's October Quarterly campaign disclosure just hit the FEC website. Unfortunately, it appears to be 1,800 pages long and the server is unable to deliver all 65 MB cleanly. Gotta do something about that...

Just poking around I see they paid an outfit called Liberty Concepts in Allston, MA for a "WEBSITE". Now I know Joe cheaped out on that ragtag deal in Vetgas back in August, but it strikes me as being absurd in the other direction to have paid over ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for the new one! Yikes! How much less can one man's judgment be trusted on ANY matter after seeing that expense?

Sounds more like money laundering to me. I found the expense on page 1495 of the October Quarterly report, which you can also view on a page-by-page basis at

SecretAgentDude said...

And for a iittle better Karma.. a new laptop will fall out of the sky too..!

@anon: Notice the $300K in "petty cash"... doesn't sound too petty to me!

Sarah said...

Hi Bob -

Sorry about the Mets & I sure hope karma works better for you than it did for me. My brother & I - life-long Red Sox fans - had really painful discussions about 2004 (as in if we could only have one thing - Kerry win or the Red Sox win the World Series - which would it be). And while we did decide we'd rather have Kerry win (see what I mean about hoping your karma works better than mine?), it was very, very painful to even think about the Sox losing (& while I'm thrilled they won, I still have such mixed feelings about it. Of course, in a good & decent world, both Kerry AND the Sox would have won =) ).

Go Ned!

Sarah from MA via FDL

PS I really enjoy your blog & thanks for all your hard work on the Lamont campaign.

cgg said...

I'm bummed too. It would have been great to see the Mets in another World series.

I hope you're right about Karma.