Monday, October 16, 2006

Kiss float is back! And Kirby rocks the Toobz!

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What a day! Not only did our very own Kirby do an awesome job live-blogging the debate, but the Kiss Float is back on the road (not a moment too soon, either!) Here's Spazeboy with Joe Lieberman's favorite parade float.

And afterwards, Joe Lieberman was seen fleeing the debate so fast, his car wasn't parked long enough in the handicapped spot to get a ticket! So it wasn't a total disaster for him.

Ned handled himself well in the face of Joe's repeated attacks, and when Joe's time ran out, he was given carte blanche.

(Does "Carte Blanche" even exist anymore? I think I may have to update my metaphors. Hmmm..."Ned was given a Diner's Club card"?...nope, that doesn't work either...)

Kirby rocked the intertoobz today with her amazing work. Please give her some props in the comments section!


Sue123 said...

I am soooo jealous, Kirby! Is there nothing more fun than politics! Terrific job, girl!

Kirby said...

Thanks, Sue -- I have been a political junkie since I watched the 1968 conventions -- this is a dream come true for me. My husband and I spent a weekend at the Bedford Village Inn in New Hampshire for my birthday in March one year after we discovered it as C-SPAN's HQ for the presidential primaries that year. NBC stole it as their broadcast site from then on -- gorgeous and the best food.