Saturday, October 21, 2006

What does $327,000 in petty cash buy you?

Maybe it buys you somebody to do some dirty politicking, like this guy:

CORRECTION: It's $387,000; just like Joe, I somehow misplaced $50,000 in petty cash.

And how would Joe's campaign people pay this guy?

Something tells me you won't find a receipt in Joe Lieberman's campaign vault that says "$1,056 to pay racist guy who dresses like an Arab and holds up a rotten sign" on it.

No, you'd probably see something like this:

"Petty Cash" and "Stipend Volunteer Payments". Vague to the point of being completely untracable. That's what is known inside the Beltway as a "slush fund" payment.

And somebody please tell me just how in hell do you PAY VOLUNTEERS? Either they VOLUNTEER, or they're PAID STAFFERS! By definition, you can't PAY a frickin' VOLUNTEER!

Dick Nixon was very good at dirty tricks and hiding funds, but it was Karl Rove who wrote the book on them.

And I'd bet that someone in Joe Lieberman's campaign has a signed copy on their desk.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob- I just posted this at FDL- Jane is doing Late Nite. VG

CT Bob said...

Thanks VG - I can't believe nobody has touched upon that "volunteer payments" thing yet!

I'm worried that these obvious and chronic FEC violations will go unheeded until AFTER the election. We need to move on this and keep the authorities involved.

I'll be seeing our AG this Friday at a fundraiser. Time to get the video camera and corner Dick with a few pertinent questions.

selise said...

hmmm, volunteer stipends, let me think here....

well, as a lamont volunteer i was offered a bottle of water each day i canvassed before the primary - although i don't think it was always paid for by the campaign... and it was probably necessary to keep us from passing out from the july/early august heat.

on primary day as volunteers we worked from before 6am to after 8pm and we were offered $5 for lunch, we were given t-shirts and passes to the party.

on the day after primary day i was given a couple of tylenols for my headache while i spent the day answering the phone.

and a couple of weeks ago i was given a subway sandwich after canvassing.

somehow i don't think those are the kind of things would add up to the lieberman campaign petty cash expenditures.... would LOVE to see their log books.

Anonymous said...

Could Doggie Schwartz be on the receiving end of these "Volunteer Stipends"

Arghh.... Just saw one of thoes dammed lightbulb commercials again....

CT Bob said...

If you want, you can watch this lightbulb ad instead.

gchaucer2 said...

Bob -- thanks for dogging Blumenthal who always loves a camera. (I'm not voting for that horse's ass, by the way). If he is so chronically pleased with himself, why hasn't his office gotten to the bottom of the hacking scam? Don't plan on any serious attempt to address the slush fund. It is a good thing people like you and Kirby are getting out the message. The Courant, at least gave it some print.

Anonymous said...

Bob, they're like cockroaches, they can't stand the light.

(BTW, I'd like to state for the record, I AM PROUD TO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO YOUR BLOG!)

CT Bob said...

Shhhh...I'm trying to start my OWN slush fund! You're gonna roon it!


(and thanks!)