Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kirby covers the Senate Debate today!

I just got off the cell phone with Kirby, who was in the very exclusive audience for the WFSB-3 Senate Debate today, and she's going to post a detailed report later tonight, possibly as early as 7PM EDT.

She said that all five balloted candidates were there, Democrat Ned Lamont, Republican Alan Schlesinger, Green Party candidate Ralph Ferrucci,Concerned Citizens Party candidate Timothy Knibbs, and Connecticut For Lieberman Party candidate Senator Joe Lieberman.

Kirby said there were maybe 150 people there, and even though WFSB relented their embargo on reporters, they resolutely forbid any use of cameras or recording equipment. Of course, Kirby took copious notes, and also may have accidently left her digital recorder turned on while it was in the pocket of her blazer.

I'm sure she's very sorry about that. And that she'll be very careful not to transcribe and post any of the important bits.

Kirby mentioned Lieberman's reluctance to directly answer the questions posed to him, and in fact after he "speechified" his third response in a row, Bob Scheiffer turned off his mic in mid-speech.

The other four candidates were resolutely against the war, but Lieberman stayed his course with his "stay-the-course" strategy.

Kirby also briefly interviewed Alan Schlesinger after the event, and there may be more info added to this post as things develop. Stay tuned and check back frequently.


selise said...

thanks so much for this report! i've been dying to hear about the debate... it was horrible not to be able to watch live.

CT Bob said...

Selise, I just commented on how you scooped me over on FDL! LOL

Thanks; the hosts (WFSB) aren't going to air the debate until tomorrow night, so their won't be any audio or video of the event until then, only written reports. They didn't want to clash with another debate going on today. I think it was just a bad move by WFSB not to show it live. And their idea to embargo journalists from it smacks of everything that's wrong with corporate media.

Thank god we had Kirby there to represent the PPM!

selise said...

amen. thank the gods for you and kirby!

gchaucer2 said...

Bob and Kirby -- first, I'm the moron who thought Kirby was the cute puppy -- I'm sure Kirby is cuter than the puppy. Second. Thank you so much for getting the word out re: the debate -- and am looking forward to Kirby's interview with Schlesinger.

I laughed out loud at the tag team approach reported at FDL and MyDD. Oh, I can't wait to see the whole thing.

Apologies again and thanks much (also for the hilarious opportunity on Joe's alternate universe blogsite).

CT Bob said...

g, Kirby is the handle that my partner in crime uses when posting here and on FDL.

Kirby is also the puppy, one of four annoyingly cute shelties. Who never stop yipping when a big doofus is around, I found out recently.

Carter said...

Kirby, I just want to say thanks for putting in the effort and I look forward to your report. Also, as a regular reader of CTBob I knew you were not the puppy :)