Monday, October 16, 2006


If you want to learn more about Alan Schlesinger's opinions, be sure to check out the interview Bob did over the weekend with Pat Carroll. (LINK HERE)

(...and that's "ONLINE JOURNALIST" Pat Carroll...get it right!)


my global conscious said...

don't listen to joe's comments, watch his record--- alan pretty much nailed it! i think he knows that he has nothing to lose, so he is slinging his rhetorical fists.

ned has a good point on affordable coverage-- it will keep costing us if it is not addressed as we try to *get our fiscal health in order*

my global conscious said...

hope ned gets joe on his lame comment, where joe does not understand what 9/11 had to do with (his layoffs).

apparently joe HAS been living in insular dc for too long.

what an ass...

jen in denmark